meh gfx


|| Requested by @procellasdracon

Yeah… I put this one off ‘cause I was annoyed with my draft of this… so I decided to add a different template style that i randomly thought of when I was occupied with my last gfx… I’m smart like that.

Not sure how it came out though, basically my 'first’ set just really guessing lol

and yes, I love Lens flareee <_______< zzzz

Anywho, also randomly decided (You see a pattern here? xD) to try and meld two different series together… still need more practice… oh wells…

Also! If you want me to remove something, that’s fine.

Request 3 of 4 done

Renders + C4d © people on Deviant Art <3

Gfx + GifX © me (shinobisage09, 2017)