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people who think plan b is abortion REALLY need to do some fucking research.

I tried to explain to this chick, citing resources and everything, that Plan B is the farthest thing from an abortion. I tried telling her that I thought she was getting Plan B and the actual Abortion Pill mixed up. That on the side of the Plan B box it says that if you are already pregnant, the pill won’t terminate a pregnancy. Basically she called me a liar, called me a whore because I have taken Plan B and said I was going to Hell.

SuperChristianity at its finest, huh?

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i’m not super religious but i was raised christian and i believe a lot of things that christians do. it pisses me off because dumbasses like her give us a bad name.

Oh, I agree. I was raised Christian, as well, even though, now, I don’t attach any certain religion to myself. The skewed, fanatical Christians have it all wrong. They twist and distort a lot of things in the Bible to justify and feed their own hate, judgement and agendas. Which is like the #1 rule to being a Christian - don’t do that shit, y'know? As a child in Church, we were ALWAYS taught to love, accept and care for everyone. Especially the ones who may have lost their path. We were taught that those misguided people needed love, not hate. That’s what pisses me off so much about people like Westboro Baptist and the like. They’ve got it all the fuck wrong.