Hello, beautiful madridistas! After weeks of drafting, and editing, and losing our minds over this thing, the results are finally here! We would like to apologize for their lateness, but putting them all together is a lot of work and we appreciate you guys being patient with us :)

Again, thank you to Isabel for making these lovely edits for us, we appreciate it very much!

Also, huge thanks to Bruna for inspiring us to do these :)

And, most importantly, thank you to everyone who voted or participated, and dedicate their souls to this life ruining club. We could not have done these without your help!

Well, since the winners are posted above, here is the full list of those who came 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each category *drum roll*

Best commentator: 

  1. 1st place: mooorata (now at carloancelotties) with 18 votes
  2. 2nd place is a tie: marcelovieiras and illarras with 14 votes each
  3. 3rd place is also a tie: iscosdisco and ricardoronaldos with 6 votes each 

Prettiest blogger:

  1. 1st place: ricardoronaldos with 12 votes
  2. 2nd place is a tie: alonsos and rnadrid with 9 votes each
  3. 3rd place: panic-at-the-isco with 6 votes

Best URL/Theme/Icon:

  1. 1st place: panic-at-the-isco with 12 votes 
  2. 2nd place: ikerista and gbales with 6 votes
  3. 3rd place place also a tie: illarras and ricardoronaldos with 4 votes each

Best Edits/Gifs:

  1. 1st place: gbales with 15 votes
  2. 2nd place: megustaelfutbol with 13 votes
  3. 3rd place: bbbenzema with 9 votes

Best overall:

  1. 1st place: megustaelfutbol with 18 votes
  2. 2nd place: gbales with 6 votes
  3. 3rd place is a lot of people: iscosdisco, cristianosronaldo (now at iscoalarcons), cristianosgelhair, marcelovieiras, omaradly-madridista, madridistaforever, bbbenzema, missutozil, albertosmoreno, and rnadrid with 3 votes each

Okay, and that’s a wrap! Congratulations to the winners and a whole bunch of cookies and rainbows to everyone. Good luck for the rest of the season and hold on to your hearts, because the next few weeks are going to be crazy. Have a lovely day :)

Real Madrid vs Atletico de Madrid - 24/05/14
(4-1) - Ramos 93’ & Bale 110’ & Marcelo 118’ & Ronaldo 120’ [HD Highlights]

This post is a joint post along with megustaelfutbol & madridistaforever for all things La Decima related. We pooled together our resources to make this so we hope you all enjoy and make use of it. A por la Undecima!!!!!!!

Match - [Spanish Commentary] & [LiveFootballVideo] | [Rojadirecta]

Post Match Celebrations - [720p HD]

Cibeles - Lerea (mgef) was able to capture some footage that was not shown on the RMTV stream link so that is what is under the extra link!

[Stream] & [Download] & [Extra Footage]

Puerta del Sol - [Real Madrid TV] & [TeleMadrid] & [Download]

Bernabeu Celebrations - [Real Madrid TV] & [Download]

Hala Madrid y Nada Mas - [Video] & [Making of] & [Photos] & [Buy on Itunes] & [Translation]

Misc. - [5.22.14] [5.23.14] [Social Media Pictures] [Fan Post]

Videos - Prematch, match, celebrations, Cibeles & Bernabeu videos [+]

Pictures - A collection of HQ pictures (1280px+) from a variety of sources, all of which can be found here. On that list includes galleries with non HQ pics. Below are a few galleries and download links as well. 

- Pre Match [+| Partido [i | ii] | Celebración [+
- Cibeles [i | ii] | Puerta del Sol [+] | Bernabeu [i | ii]