In no order



Lisa |xmonalisa

Rachel |stupidforsalling|thatvintagegirl

Megan |megundo

Mel |sallingcanpuckme

Myra |realityiscollapsing

Ianna |aubrey-plaza

Gen |txgirl0302

Eryn |green-eyes-and-freckles 

Chelle |newyorkcitydreaming

Aims |touchingmetouchingyou

Maddie and Lauren |waitingondelena |andashestoashes |always-a-stag

Holly | hollyandthesunshine

Alana |daisystainedlover For always having a great smile when I see her

and Sarah |alwaysandforeverspn23 who has become one of the closest friends I have, one of the best friends I could ask for. And for those messages I’m currently receiving on Jax’s naked wet body. 

To anyone I might be forgetting. I’m sorry.

I haven’t done this in forever and I’m not on here as often as I use to be, to all my tumblr crushes, you all must have awesome blogs.  Nalalovexoxo, so sorry babe, maybe next time?

Tumblr Crushes: