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Alright. So I just want to write about something that’s been on my mind a lot lately. I’m not sure how short, or long, this might be. If you read this, I love you. But I’m hoping the one person I want to read this does because she needs to know how important she is to me.

Her name is Meagan.

She is my best friend in the entire world. Not only that, but she is also my sister. The person I always go to when I need help with something. One of the very few people I trust with my life.

About four or five years ago I moved from Connecticut, all the way to North Carolina. Leaving behind the people who mean absolutely everything to me. My older sister means everything to me. I haven’t seen her in forever, and I miss her so so much. Hopefully I can get a job soon so that I can save up to go see her.

Ever since we were little, we’ve been very close. We always say that we were meant to be twins. We’re basically the same person, just with different music taste. When we were little, people would often mistake us for twins. The lunch ladies would yell at us because they would think that we already ate seeing how one went before the other.

I don’t know what I would do without my sister.

We don’t always see eye to eye, but we’re sisters. It happens.

Seeing how you called me, because apparently you can tell when I’m talking or writing about you, you already know that I’m writing this, so  I love you Megsterdamn.

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Sister and friends blogs?



Even my step mom:

Me and my sister are so different hahaha.

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Oh, but I love her so much. :)