I can’t believe how far you girls have come since i first started watching your videos. I’ve been a fan of you for 4 years now and its been a pleasure getting to see how far a big dream can take you in life. The best thing is through all of this success is you both remained the same down to earth girls. Following your fans on tumblr, tweeting your embarrassing moment of the day. Those little things are what a truly love you for. I can’t thank you two for everything you do for all of us fans. I’m so proud of you girls and i can’t wait to see what comes next on this journey. You’ll always be the girls singing in their kitchen with nothing but Megan’s guitar to me, no matter how far you go in this business. Happy 20th birthday Megan and Liz. I love you both to pluto and back! 

By the way. Megan, how have you been holding up since this..?