Gluten Free.

I decided to become:

I tried a small experiment last week were I didn’t eat very much if not anything made from grains.
If I got a burger - no bun.
If I got a salad -  no croutons, no bread sticks

Basically all week (especially at work) I ate fresh salads with bits of tuna or bits of a grilled chicken breast. I’ve noticed a change in energy (having more) and with my stomach (internally and externally).
Now since it’s the weekend and that’s usually my time to relax, so i didn’t really carry on my new “no grains/gluten free” fab i just started, and well, my stomach has acted up this whole weekend. It’s been making super weird sounds and rumbling all over the place (gross, i know).
But during the week when I was not eating the grains, my stomach has been very flat (plus plus plus plus plus plus!).

Have you given up gluten/grains?
Have any tips? I’d love to hear them :) 

EDIT: My sister & brother-in-law gave up grains for lent and said it was hard, but awesome.
My sister who recently gave birth to their first baby gained probably about 15-20lbs which wasn’t too terribly noticeable. But after lent started she is back to her normal weight before she was pregnant, all thanks to a little working out and not eating grains! She said too that she was full of energy where as before she’d be so tired, especially with taking care of a 6 month baby.