megs cause

I sometimes wonder what would have happened if BOTH Megamind and Metroman had landed in the Scott’s mansion that night.  If they’d both been adopted at the same time and were raised as brothers.  If their nemesis battles were changed to sibling rivalries on who could be the biggest force for Good in the city, always trying to one-up the other in villains defeated and kittens rescued, but teaming up when a REAL threat loomed.

Also, Megamind would totally be the nerdy Theater kid and Metroman would be the Jock and give Megs no end of grief about how he looses his head over the cute Editor of the school newspaper, Roxanne. But he’s the only one allowed to pick on Megs. Cause they’re brothers.

Devil’s Trap

Summary: You’re getting closer and closer to finding the demon, so you enlist the help of Bobby Singer. Getting John back doesn’t go to plan at all.
Words: 6.4k
Dean x Reader, Sam x Jess
Warnings: episode related angst and violence

Beta: @blacksiren
A/N: this is the final part of my ‘Jess never died’ rewrite of Season One, find the masterpost here

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“You’re never going to see your father again.”

Dean hung up the phone instantly, shoving it into his pocket and picking up the Colt.

“What are you doing?” you asked as he tucked the gun into the back of his pants.

He picked up your jacket, handing it to you and kissing your cheek.

“We gotta go,” he told you, and you nodded, putting on your jacket before helping Jess to slip on her own.

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In Boxes

Part one: Dorcas Meadowes

Sirius Black, as a student, was weary of losing the friends— the family— he had become a part of inside of Gryffindor tower. As such he had begun to keep a very well hidden collection of random odds and ends, scraps and letters and old notes from classes he’d just never thrown away.

Years later, after so many lost friends and families, the assorted boxes of pages and pages of secrets and memories are pulled out once again.

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“meg-san made a choreography for our song!!! (first part)” in which former °C-ute member Megumi Murakami agreed to make choreo for RENBO (instead of Nokkun) but everyone decided it would be really funny not to tell Torarai. members about it

Nokkun: Ok, so I’m gonna show you the choreography.
Punta: I’m so nervou-
Nokkun: Bam. *shows “surprise” written in the notebook*
Punta: ..eeeh???
Nokkun: And this means..
Punta: eeeEH???
Nokkun: ..that this time!
Shiro: eh?
Nokkun: The choreographer isn’t me!
Shiro&Punta: EEEEH???
Nokkun: So please welcome your choreographer!!!
meg: *comes in* I’m meg, nice to meet you…
Everyone: 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Punta: EEEEEEEH????
[Kimapuri’s “EEEEEEEH????” counter: 1]
Punta: EEEEEEEH??? shIRoFUkU-sAN!?!?!!!
[Kimapuri’s “EEEEEEEH????” counter: 2]
Punta: EEEEEEEH????
[Kimapuri’s “EEEEEEEH????” counter: 3]
[Kimapuri’s “EEEEEEEH????” counter: 4]
[Kimapuri’s “EEEEEEEH????” counter: 5]
Punta: Are Shirofuku-san and I the only ones who didn’t know???
Tomitan&Senji: Yup!
Punta: EEEEEEEH????
[Kimapuri’s “EEEEEEEH????” counter: 6]

K'suke: Ready? Go!
Everyone: Surprise succeeded!!!

Nokkun: For about a month I guess
Punta: You can’t trust anyone here…

sonicsfan1998  asked:

Can you do a story where Sonic finally gets the courage to tell Amy he loves her? Some people really go out of character with Sonic and Tails, make sure you don't go out of character please, like some fanfictions do, it throws me off and makes me see Sonic in a slightly darker light.

I make it my life’s WORK to try and stay in character, hon XD But I also have to say that it will be AU (out of character) for Sonic to just up and say it, you know? So you’re asking for a very canon moment between the two where he ‘kinda’ says he loves her but not so directly, right?

In most of my prompts, I usually have it where Sonic and Amy are a little older, just so that Sonic can feel those ‘hormones’ a little stronger XD and feel the need to not want to keep it all ‘same old, same old’ anymore too.

But I digress, on with the show! :D/ (Are you expecting Tails to be in this prompt, or..? 0-o)


Sonic zig-zagged between the robotic horsemen’s legs, seeing the robotic centaur look down and step away, having in one hand an electric spear, and the other, Amy Rose…

“Okay! I believe you!” Amy kicked her legs as the robot sent a bolt of lightning down at Sonic, who flipped into the air and started climbing the floating stones to get to the Centaurs weak-points.

The centaur was being controlled by the machines, the storybook having a corrupted God from mythology use his mechanical know-how to corrupt his fellow Gods and also their beings.

He was sucked into this world and Amy fell in soon after, seeing the book shaking and glowing, her curiosity just got the best of her.

Sonic rammed his head into the last remaining red button that connected the whole of the machine to the centaur, as his last piece of shoulder, mechanical armor came off, and he calmed down.

Sonic landed and smiled, holding out his arms as the creature sorrowfully, with a look of asking for forgiveness in his eyes, lowered the girl back into Sonic’s arms.

He nodded, and took off, as Amy kept speaking.

“So… you really WERE King Author! And those… those rings were… Woah! My head’s spinning so much I can’t even think straight!” Amy put her hands to her head, ducking them down and shaking them while Sonic carried on his merry way.

“I mean, I know you get into some tough situations.” Amy was fiddling with her hands as Sonic fought Poseidon in the background.

The scene seems to then shift again as Amy is on a rock and kicking some pebbles around, “And I know you wouldn’t naturally lie to me unless it was something important…” Sonic fights Zeus as the giant lightning bolt is casted into the air, and Sonic jumps to narrowly dodge but uses his Super form to shift the energy away from hitting Amy and then taking down the metal helmet controlling him on his head.

“And I mean, you weren’t really trying to avoid me. I understand that now.” She nods her head as a mechanical owl is gripping her in his claws, cawing to Sonic behind him as Sonic takes him down with the help of another freed God and his accompanying creature.

“So, I guess this means you would have come on time if it weren’t for all these things, right?” She raises an eyebrow, trying to make sure she’s understanding this as some ancients stand below them and seem to bow down in worship to Sonic, who just saved their stories.

Sonic looks over them but only sheepishly smiles, folding his arms before turning to Amy.

“Wait… what just happened?” She looks around, but Sonic scoops her up again and dives into a portal, as they’re suddenly out of the Myth book and laying down on a couch.

“Nothing important.” Sonic shrugs, taking a bite out of an apple, as Amy is suddenly aware she’s wearing a greek robe, with a bowl of fruits in her hands, and a golden lace of leafs as a crown.

“..H-huh?” she suddenly becomes aware of her surroundings as Sonic pulls the bowl towards him, having her on top of him while he lounges. “Basically, you’re right.” he winked, and then continued as he ate a grape. “And as a God, I should probably keep my promises more. So, yeah. I’ll take you back to the heavens sometime.” he nonchalantly ate his meal before putting the bowl down and flicking Amy’s crown.

“You realize those ancients think you’re a Goddess too, right?”

“W-wa-wait, WHAT!?” Amy stuttered, as the crown tilted slightly on her face.

He chuckled, seeing she was too focused in her thoughts to experience the real adventure around her, and adjusted the crown on her head.

“Yeah, I told them you were a mortal I picked up, saved, and then told them I was bringing you back into my world with me.” he lowered his hands, looking at her before sighing a moment and scratching the back of his head.

“Sadly, they misinterpreted this.”

“What?” Amy looked down at the book he was staring at.

Opening it up, she read the last page.

“The Blue, Holy Hedgehog then took his Mortal Woman to the land beyond. And there, it is said they lived out eternity in one another’s arms. Surrounded by music, love, and all things holy.”

Amy blushed, “Holy Hedgehog?”

He put the book down, “Yeah, weird imaginations these people have, huh?”

“W-wai-wait! They think you-!” She turned to point to Sonic, startled, before turning to the book, “T-That we’re-!”

He smiled, “Guess I can’t help it.” Sonic kicked up his feet, putting an arm around the back of the couch, and grinning from ear to ear. “I like my mortal woman.”

He laughed, as Amy hit him in the face with her hammer.

“Careful there, HOLY Hedgehog.” she twitched an eyebrow, before smiling and removing the hammer, looking smugly in her place.

Goddesses have quite the temper.”

(I thought it was cute XD It’s an AU concept but I tried to keep it in Character. Sonic isn’t one to just come out and say it, but if you read enough into it, you’ll get that they think Sonic and Amy are like Hercules and Meg. He took her cause he loved her XD)