Smith’s Litter Frog - Leptobrachium smithi

The Smith’s Litter Frog, Leptobrachium smithi (Megophryidae) is sometimes referred to as Vampire frogs because the iris are divided into two parts, the upper third is bright scarlet or yellow whereas the lower part is dark brown or black. Just look at the third picture, a couple of these frogs in amplexus.

This species is known from Thailand and the northern part of Peninsular Malaysia, as well as through Myanmar to Assam, India.

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Photo credits: [Top: ©Lachland Gilding | Locality: Lawachara NP, Bangladesh, 2014] - [Middle: ©Norhayati Ahmad | Locality: not indicated, 2010] - [Bottom: ©Max Jackson | Locality: Bangladesh, 2014]

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Megophrys nasuta_MG_9186 copy par Kurt (Orionmystery) G
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Batman Returns! Okay, still the same Malayan Horned Frog (Megophrys nasuta). Still grumpy too! He stayed still long enough though. Malaysia.

Spotted Litter Frog - Leptobrachium hendricksoni

This frog with malevolent stare is scientifically known as Leptobrachium hendricksoni (Megophryidae), a species found from Indonesia, Malaysia, and mainland Southeast Asia. It is a stout-bodied frog with long, thin legs. Dark gray in color above, with darker dorsolateral spots. The upper third or half of the iris is orange in color. 

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Photo credit: ©Jeet Sukumaran | Locality: Malaysia (2005)

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Kajang Slender Litter Frog

Leptolalax kajangensis (Megophryidae) is a rare and Vulnerable species endemic to Malaysia and only known with certainty from Gua Tengkuk Air cave at the top (1,000m asl) of Gunung Kajang, Pulau Tioman, Pahang, West Malaysia (type locality).

References: [1] - [2]

Photo credit: ©Ingomar Kiehlmann

Locality: Pulau Tioman, Pahang, Malaysia

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Borneon Horned Frog

Megophrys nasuta (Megophryidae) is commonly known by several names, such as  Borneon Horned Frog, Horned Toad, Large Horned Frog, and Malayan Horned Frog.

It is a stocky frog with arms and legs that appear almost too slender and weak for that size of a frog. The head is broader than the body and relatively flat. Snout tip and upper eyelids bear triangular skin projections. two pairs of thin folds run down the back. 

This species is known from Yala, southern Thailand, throughout Peninsular Malaysia, Tioman Island, Singapore, Sumatra, Bintan, all parts of Borneo and the Natuna Island.

A little known fact of Megophrys nasuta is that has avascular osteoderms (bony deposits in the dermal layers) in the dorsal body skin, composed of calcified collagen bundles in an orderly three-dimensional arrangement.  

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Photo credit: ©Norhayati Ahmad

Locality: Pangsoon, Selangor, Malaysia

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