FINISHED! my completed WTNV postery thing.

Two large panels are Cecil Palmer, and Carlos the Scientist. Small panels are (from top to bottom) Khoshekh the floating bathroom cat, the Glow Cloud, old woman Josie and one of her angel friends, Hiram McDaniels, and some StrexCorp propaganda.

Also on Deviantart over here!


Hey guys! I hate to do this but …. I need your help!

My mother has been admitted to the hospital with very serious, life-threatening emergency type health problems. As a result, I’ve been missing a lot of shifts at work so I can be at the hospital with her every day. We lost my dad to cancer 8 years ago, so it’s just me and my brother who can be there for her.

Yeah… I’m kind of broke! A very generous friend helped me out with this round of bills but being in an emergency situation plus missing work at my job is worrisome even if I’m just squeaking by. I’m losing sleep over it and money is tight. I also have to pay for my own medication out of pocket.

SO! I’m gonna have a sale on my etsy shop. Enter the code HELPMOOGPLS at checkout and get 20% off any orders before shipping until the end of February. I have lots of stuff! Buttons, postcards, stickers, laminate keychains, and now cute little zip coin purses. All with my art on them!

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I also have a RedBubble page where you can get prints, stickers, phone cases, pillows, bags…. cool stuff!

>>> megomobile on redbubble <<<

Don’t wanna buy a thing but want to give me a hand? My paypal is if you’d be so kind as to chuck even a dollar or two my way. To anyone who donates over $10USD, include your name and address and I’ll send you a thank you card! also my eternal love for being amazing obviously. 

I may also open for commissions in the near future but for now things are too hectic. I’ll make a separate post about that when stuff settles down a bit.

Please signal boost if you can! I’d really appreciate the help. It’s been a very bad month. :’) Thank you so much!


I am making tubbs stickers for anime north. They’re plastic coated so they should last, and I’m even packaging them. I’m pretty proud of myself. They’ll be on my etsy after the con!

And yes there will be an anti tubbs one too. I’m gonna try to make some of those tomorrow.