Awesome graphic made by Kate

  • mbf Kate and Meli
  • reblogs only
  • you can like it to bookmark but it won’t count as an entry
  • must reach at least 40 notes
  • “The Hunter Award”: Best Supernatural
  • “The Charlie Bradbury Award”: Best Multifandom
  • “The Kevin Tran Award”: Best Url
  • “The Meg 2.0 Award”: Best Icon
  • “The Bobby Singer Award”: Best Posts
  • “The Abaddon Award”: Best Theme
  • “The Samulet Award”: Best Updates Tab
  • “The Impala Award”: Best Sidebar Image
  • “The Lucifer Award”: Best Graphics/Edits
  • “The Samandriel Award”: Nicest Blogger
  • “The Sam Winchester Award”: Best Overall
  • “The Castiel Award”: Kate’s Favorite
  • “The Dean Winchester Award”: Meli’s Favorite
What you get:
  • + follow from both of us (if not already)
  • a spot in both of our updates tab
  • promo when announced
  • + random promos
  • our love and eternal friendship
  • you can enter until January 18th
  • winners announced January 19th / 20th
  • there’ll be 1 winner for each category
  • 1-2 runner-ups depending on the notes

Good luck! <3 

Lucifer’s cage network

  • Are you kidding me? ANOTHER SUPERNATURAL NETWORK??? You’re damn right it is! Why? Because there can never be enough Supernatural networks :D

Wanna join?
  • Must be following Michael and Lucifer
  • You need to reblog this post. 
  • You can like to bookmark but they won’t count as entries
  • You must fill out this survey
  • Must be a Supernatural blog or have Supernatural as one of your main fandoms (if you’re a multifandom blog)
  • Have your ask and submit open. 

What are we looking for?
  • Nice, clean themes
  • Good url
  • An organized tagging system
  • And most importantly, a lovely & friendly blogger. 

What do you get out of this?
  • + follow from both of us (if not already)
  • New friends! (yay) 
  • A link on the network page.
  • A promo when you get accepted.
  • Help with polls, promos, and any other favors you may need!
  • Our love and friendship ♥

What do you do when you get accepted?
  • Once you get accepted, you will receive a message from one of us letting you know that you got in.
  • We will ask you to sumbit an icon + a short description to put on the network page. 
  • Follow at least 5 members.
  • Put a link to the network page somewhere in your blog.
  • Track the tag #luciferscagenetwork for updates. Also if you get accepted, feel free to tag your botms, promos, edits, selfies, and other stuff in the tag!

Other details:
  • We will pick the first 5-10 members once this post gets 50+ notes. 
  • After that, we will choose 3-5 members every one or two weeks.
  • If you have any questions, just send one of us a message!
  • +Network page

Good luck! 

woo April, the month of my birthday and hopefully less shitty weather in the UK

  • mbf me (aka purgatoiry)
  • reblog this post
  • you can like for reference, but they will not count
  • must reach 50 notes 
  • fandom blogs only
  • last day to enter will be the 31st March
  • there will be 1-2 winners and 2-3 runner ups
  • hella rad urls
  • clean, awesome themes
  • awesome posts
  • organised tagging systems
  • a fantabulous blogger
  • follow back from me (if not already)
  • a spot in my updates tab for the month
  • a solo promo when announced
  • promos whenever you want
  • help with polls, advice, etc
  • eternal love and friendship
  • whatever you want tbh
  • a follow back from me (if not already)
  • a spot in my updates tab for the month
  • a promo with the other runner ups when announced
  • a couple of promos during the month
  • help with polls, advice, etc
  • eternal love and friendship
  • whatever you want tbh

go go go!

whoo look at this my june botm a few days late as usual 

also look at that photo am i hipster yet 

how do i join?
  • follow this punk
  • you can like this post to track but it won’t count as actually entering
  • reblog this post!
  • ends may 23rd (i have to pick earlier because i’m leaving for vacation on may 24th and won’t be back until 5 days into june)
  • one winner and two runner-ups will be announced
  • fandom blogs only please and thank you :)
what am i looking for?
  • beautiful themes with easy navigation
  • a+++ posts
  • a blogger with a sparkling personality
  • some sort of tagging system
  • a hella rad url 

great! you won! what do you get?
  • a follow if i’m not already following your wonderful blog
  • promo when announced, plus a few more throughout the month at your request :)
  • a spot on any of my june promos
  • i offer up any fics or headcanons or a shoulder to cry on
  • a spot in my updates tab for the full month
  • eternal friendship
  • we can talk about misha and sebastian stan
i'm a runner-up. what do i get?
  • +follow if i’m not already
  • promo when announced
  • a spot on all of my june promos
  • an offer of 1 fic 
  • a spot in my updates tab for the whole month
  • my love and friendship
  • we too can discuss misha and sebastian stan

will you be my february blog of the month? (◕‿◕✿)

let’s also ignore that awful graphic yeah?


▲mbf this little angel
▲reblog this to enter likes will only make adam stay in the cage longer *shots fired*
▲1 winner + 2 runner ups (maybe 3 depending how many notes this gets ???)
▲no poll i’ll be choosing 
▲ends january 31st
▲must at least reach 40 notes or i delete this and never speak of it again
▲i think that’s it
or let’s hope that’s it? 

—-what i’m looking for

▲a clean, simple theme
▲good tagging system
▲easy to navigate
▲hella rad posts
▲but most of all, a kind and wonderful blogger
▲edits/graphics/fics/poetry are a super big plus but that’s not going to get you a guaranteed win 

—-winners receive

▲follow back me if i’m not already following your gorgeous blog
▲promo when announced
▲promos at your beckon and call (just don’t go overboard) 
▲a spot in my updates tab for the whole month
▲a spot in every promo i do
▲misha collins
▲my eternal love and friendship much wow

—-runner ups receive 

▲follow back from me (if not already following)
▲group promo when announced
▲my eternal love and friendship whoa what a deal
▲a link in my updates tab to a list of the runner-ups
▲i already pawned off misha collins but you can take jensen ackles or jpad

here’s to hoping this doesn’t fail good luck! <33

Listen here [x]

Way To Fall // Starsailor | Weight of Living part 1 (Albatross) // Bastille | Blood On My Name // The Wright Brothers | Fear and Loathing // Marina and the Diamonds | Perfect World // Kodaline | Icarus // Bastille | Sail // AWOLNATION | It Could Be Better // Lewis Watson | Hospital For Souls // Bring Me The Horizon | Glory and Gore // Lorde | Sinnerman // Nina Simone | Renegade // Styx

whoa. check it out. debbie and emiley are doing tumblr awards! 


♠mbf fruit loop and cheerio
♠reblogs only. likes won’t help adam get out of the cage any sooner
♠fandom blogs only 
♠1 winner + 2 runner-ups for each category
♠ends 2 weeks from now
♠i think that’s all yayyyy 

—what we’re looking for

♠easy navigation
♠simple but pretty theme
♠great tagging system
♠wonderful posts
♠most importantly, a kind and awesome blogger!
♠edits/graphics/poetry/fics are awesome and a definite plus


♠best url-the “i don’t understand that reference” award
♠best theme-best bunker decoration awards
♠best posts-the memory foam award
♠best icon-the jensen ackles reward
♠best spn-the croatoan award
♠best overall-the profound bond award
♠best updates tab-the impala award
♠best sidebar-the cage award
♠best graphics-the “oh my chuck” award
♠best spn writing-the men of letters award
♠best dean!girl-the “love me some pie!” award
♠best sam!girl-the “i lost my shoe” award
♠best cas!girl-the “hey assbutt!” award
♠emiley’s favorite-the queen of hell award
♠debbie’s favorite-the king of hell award

—winners receive

♠follow back from both of us if we’re not following already 
♠promo when announced 
♠graphic/writing upon request
♠best overall gets a link in our sidebars for 2 months and ♠winners get featured in our winners page 
♠solo promos whenever you desire 
♠either sam, cas or dean or all three i mean the skies the limit
♠our undying love and friendship for all of eternity

—runner ups receive

♠follow back from us if not already 
♠promo when announced ooh aah
♠groups promos
♠sam, dean or cas 
♠our undying love and friendship 

may the odds be ever in your favor!

Mollie and Emily’s Tumblr Awards!

All awards are named after the minor characters, ideas, and monsters that Supernatural wouldn’t be the same without

  1. mbf Mollie and Emily
  2. Reblogs only, no likes please!
  3. Winners will be chosen on Friday (January 3rd)
  4. Must be at least partially a Supernatural blog, but multi-fandom is absolutely okay! (We even have an award for it!)
  5. May be runners up based on how many notes this post gets
  6. Must get at least 50 notes or we’ll delete this and pretend it never happened

“The Henry Winchester Award” - Best Icon

“The Balthazar Award” - Best URL

“The Jessica Moore Award” - Best Sidebar

“The Mr. Fizzles Award” - Best Updates Tab

“The Leah Gideon Award” - Best Theme

“The Krissy Chambers Award” - Best Posts

“The Ash Award” - Best Edits/Graphics

“The Garth Fitzgerald IV Award” - Nicest Blogger

“The Ava Wilson Award” - Best Supernatural

“The Charlie Bradbury Award” - Best Multi-Fandom

“The Linda Tran Award” - Best Overall

“The Ben Braeden Award” - Mollie’s Favorite

“The Jody Mills Award” - Emily’s Favorite 

  • A customized graphic announcing you as winner
  • Follows back from both of us
  • A link to you from a page on each of our blogs until our next tumblr awards

Good luck everybody, and happy 2014!