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A Wattpad request! I do not own Oin or Thorin. They belong to J.R.R.Tolkien. 

Warnings: mentions of morning sickness, slight angst, slight fluff

Pairings: Thorin Oakenshield x pregnant!reader, Oin

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Oin stood there, horn to his ear, as he waited for your reaction. All you could do was stare at him, dumbfounded. This had to be a mistake. You couldn’t be. There was no way you were. It was such a bad time for it.

               "Are you certain?“ you managed to squeak out. Oin nodded and gave a toothy grin. "Certain as can be, My Queen. Yer with child.” You felt a wave of nausea wash over you, only this time you were fairly certain that it wasn’t morning sickness. As if in a daze, you rose from your seat, thanked the old healer, and left the room.

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“How do we know you aren’t just speaking utter rubbish?” Dwalin questioned, glowering at your sword after you had told the Company of how it came to be.

While Balin nudged his brother at his side for his discourteous question, the corner of your mouth quirked up as you knew deep inside Dwalin was seething in jealousy. Of course, axes where a more preferred weapon amongst the dwarves, though, when speaking of swords, all dwarves wished for the best of the best and the most divine when it came to swiftly killing the enemy. 

“You just have to take my word for it, Master Dwalin.” You reply, taking another long sip from your cup of mead.

“Well, I, for one, think it’s a wonderful tale, lass.” Bofur, the unfailingly optimistic dwarf, declared.

While continuing to peer at the runic-carved sword, Ori also agreed, “I’d like to think so as well. It certainly does look like a god-like sword.”   

BtP Question #1:  Dwarves

I want to ask you guys how married are you to the concept of the cliche dwarf?  Lots of settings deviate on things like trolls or elves or even vampires.  But dwarves tend to be very similar, usually with one or two small things thrown in to make them unique.

The ‘classic’ dwarf is short, stout and bearded.  They enjoy drinking, mining and all manner of treasure.  They’re excellent craftsmen and in some cases have access to steampunk technology.

Then you have deviations from that classic mold.  Maybe not all dwarves are bearded.  And maybe not all of them are miners.  But some definitely are.  Some might not be greedy but some definitely are.

And, finally, you have a complete subversion of what it means to be a dwarf.  They weren’t short.  Or maybe they were elves.

The TLDR is as follows.  

In mythology what a “dwarf” is isn’t explicitly clear.  Scholars are unsure if they were their own race, a race of elves called the Svartalfs, or even if they looked like the short, stocky bearded men we know today.

As such, I’ve created different ideas for what a dwarf in BtP is.  I’d like your opinion:

Removing the concept of ‘staying true to the archtype put down by Tolkien’, do you prefer a subversion of what a dwarf is or do you prefer adherence to the Tolkien-esque portrayal we’ve had for a long time?


Slowly, Bofur ran his finger down your supple cheek and he chuckled as you instantly shifted closer to his touch. 

The charming dwarf did not have the heart to wake you from your peaceful slumber so, carefully he snaked his arms around your body and pulled you into him as closely as it possibly was. 

Still in your sleep, you place your head onto his chest with a small smile upon your lips as you sighed lightheartedly. 

Unaware that Bofur was watching you, you suddenly feel his roughed hands pushing the stream of your hair behind your ear. You let out a audible whimper, and blinked your eyes open when he reaches to stroke the pointy tip of your ear with his warm lips. 

Smirking triumphantly, Bofur questions, “Kiss me if I’m wrong, lass but did I find your lovely, soft spot?”  

“Stop it, Bofur. That’s not funny.” You say, shifting to hide your face into your pillow in sheer embarrassment. He laughs upon having seen your reddened face.

“But it is true,” he declares, touching your ears to hear your soft whimper once more. “So, I think you owe me a kiss, beautiful.”

I’m so disappointed when elves in fiction are merely immortal humans with pointy ears, and dwarves are just short humans with beards. Perhaps others enjoy it, but I am bored of banal human conflicts and vices projected ad nauseam onto supposedly inhuman races. 

I want to see things that really make me believe elves and dwarves and other fantasy races aren’t just disguised humans. Show me strange biology, incomprehensible minds, impossible virtues and unthinkable sins, oddities and curiosities of all kinds. 

I think that’s what drew me to Tolkien’s races, who have exactly those kinds of quirks that set them apart from ordinary humans - like dwarves having only 1/3 of their race female, or elves being capable of telepathy. I love fic that explores the consequences of these strange characteristics most of all.