megif: csiny

  • Drunk Student: We call it Edward 40 Hands. Like Edward Scissor Hands except with, you know...40's.
  • Flack: Get outta here.
  • Drunk Student: No seriously, that's really what they call it!
  • Flack: No, no, no. Get outta my face. I never wanna see you again. Go.
  • Drunk Student: Whatever, bro!
Just a CSI:NY rant.

UGH. This is hurting so much… it’s the time when we should be getting a season 10, beginning to celebrate the 200th episode, seeing Lucy grow up and welcoming Messer baby 2 to the screen. We should be crying at Mac’s wedding (some out of sadness, some out of joy) and we should be weeping at the struggles Sid would be facing. 

But we’re not. And we’re never going to be able to do all these things. And it just being this time of year has really made me sad about the whole thing. We all miss CSI:NY so much, and not a day goes by when I don’t get upset about the fact that it’s no longer.