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Hell0! Can I get an aesthetic f0r a Aradia Megid0 wh0 l0ves music and the paran0rmal but stresses ab0ut tests at sch00l t0 the p0int 0f needing t0 g0 t0 the h0spital and taking meds t0 ease the physical pain? If y0u d0n't wanna d0 it, it's 0k! Thank y0u f0r y0ur time! 0u0

hope you like it aradia. if youd like anything removed or changed dont be afraid to send me a message -mod eri

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hell0, can i get an aesthetic f0r an aradia megid0 wh0 was sexually taken advantage 0f by j*hn because 0f my mental dis0rder?

posting now!

-mod dave~♡

(Gosh I really hope the picture goes through) Y0ur name is Aradia Megid0 and y0u are the cutest red headed human in parad0x space

((What is with all u super talented artists drawing stuff for my blog. I don’t deserve this. Ur super amazing. This art is super amazing. Why aren’t all of u running this blog instead))