The Bucket List

100 Things to do before I graduate High School

Rules are, i have to do them with another good friend of mine.

We have to write down everything that happened when, and where we did it.
And we stick to our plan…Everything must be completed before the day we graduate as Seniors.

1. Propose to a teacher

2. Start headbanging and singing during class

3. Start a riot

4. Make friends with a hobo

5. Go Christmas caroling in July

6. Steak out before a movie premier

7. Go hiking

8. Meet someone famous

9. Go on a wood adventure 

10. Play hide and seek in public places

11. Go on a huge scavenger hunt

12. Play on railroad tracks

13. Get everyone to wear matching outfits

14. Have an epic MOW 

15. Have a mini Olympics competition.

16. Swim in a lake

17. Make blind dates for each other

18. Sit on a roof singing ’Rooftops’ by Lost Prophets

19. Crash a party

20. Go skateboarding

21. Invite Mallory to a sleepover

22. Carve our names into a tree

23. Go horseback riding

24. Hack a Facebook account

25. Take a roadtrip

26. Stalk Meghan on a date

27. Stalk someone for a day

28. Go skinny dipping

29. Go camping

30. Send everyone Valentine’s Day cards 

31. Ride an upside down rollercoaster

32. Dance in the middle of a hurricane

33. Watch the sunset and sunrise

34. Make Mr. Ryan think Meghan is smart for the day 

35. Get into a boxing competition with Mrs. Ross

36. Take a picture with everyone in different windows of a house 

37. Make a mixtape and give it to strangers

38. Record a song together

39. Have a dance off

40. Go crowd surfing

41. Give John Cooper Dr. Pepper

42. Catch butterflies

43. Make simple talk with strangers 

44. Get stuck in an elevator

45. Get matching tattoos 

46. Go to a haunted house 

47. Sneak into an abandoned house

48. Make a tree house

49. Carry a boom-box around public

50. Have wheelchair races

51. Fake a murder scene

52. Make positive slogan cards and give them to strangers. 

53. Pull off a great senior prank 

54. Make friends with the elderly 

55. Go to Hershey Park, and Chocolate World

56. Fall asleep under the stars 

57. Giant Slip and Slides

58. Go to the corn maze and get lost 

59. Give Clare a makeover

60. Fake a drive by shooting

61. Take a trip to the zoo

62. Have a picnic 

63. Rent a bounce house

64. Make a giant ball pit

65. Star in a music video

66. Visit Niagara Falls 

67. Clog the toilet in a public restroom (By placing foreign objects in the toilet)

68. Give strangers temporary tattoos

69. Yelling inappropriate phrases to one another 

70. Write a personal memoir about yourself

71. Stalk Rick Ball

72. Have a sappy ‘no one loves me’ movie night. 

73. Get Justin to watch the Notebook

74. Officially start a new club for SHHS 

75. Raise enough money to send a child in Africa a goat

76. Have an epic Battle Royale

77. Play quidditch

78. Learn how to say ‘hello’ in 50 different languages

79. Go zip lining

80. Try sushi

81. Blow bubbles

82. Fly a kite

83. Go to a dance

84. Do the cinnamon challenge

85. Go tubeing

86. Give Vince a cookie

87. Go hot tubbing

88. Make a snowman

89. Become a cougar

90. Go to a Thousand Foot Krutch concert together

91. Dye Easter eggs and leave them around random public places

92. Splatter paint a picture together

93. Give each other makeovers

94. Sing karaoke

95. Take public transportation

96. Have a high heel competition

97. Go LARPing

98. Write a letter to the president

99. Make a time capsule

100. Have our first kiss, bitches