meghan draws

A short Pliroy fic because I have feelings about Yuri cutting his hair really short.  Hope you guys enjoy!  Let me know what you think!!

There was shouting coming from around the corner.  Russian shouting.  J.J.’s brow furrowed as he crept closer to the wall.  That voice was Yuri’s… and that was definitely Lilia and Yakov shouting in unison…  What on earth could they be yelling about?

Carefully, J.J. peeked around the corner, eyes darting between the three figures down the hall.  Lilia and Yakov were standing side by side, facing off against—

Was that Yuri?

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just a set of instagram pictures of Jennifer Morrison. some new, some ancient, but all amazing.

just look at her, i mean she’s so much. she’s gorgeous. she’s cute. so talented. so hardworking. she’s unbelievable. 

Don’t go and waste your precious time with all the nonsense on your mind. Don’t criticize yourself no more, you got a smile worth fighting for. You just gotta remind yourself that you’re amazing. You’re breaking down in every way, could be smiling every day. waakeme-up allybrookeofficial ssweet-dispositionn