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I think implied in “why aren’t there more girls in comics?” is “why do we never hear about the girls who ARE in comics?” I can name a couple because my partner’s a huge comic nerd, but otherwise I’d have no idea.

Off the top of my head (to be fair a couple of these ladies I think probably do mostly storyboards or write things other than comics as well as comics, I’m just spitting out the names that pop in my head):

Babs Tarr (Artist)
Ming Doyle (Artist)
Laura Martin (Colorist)
Becky Cloonan (Artist)
Jackie Lewis (Artist)
Irene Strychalski (Artist)
Calista Brill (Editor)
Heidi Arnhold (Artist)
Joanna Estep (Artist)
Cas Canete (Artist)
Allison Strejlau (Artist)
June Bridgeman (Artist)
Gail Simone (Writer)
Kelly Sue DeConnick (Writer/Editor)
Kate Leth (Writer/Artist)
Ari Yarwood (Editor)
Marguerite Sauvage (Artist)
Whitney Leopard (Editor)
Meghan Hetrick (Artist)
Claire Hummel (Artist)
Veronica Fish (Artist)
Annie Wu (Artist)
Fiona Staples (Artist)
Rainbow Rowell (Writer)
Elsa Chang (Artist)
Noelle Stevenson (Artist/Writer)
Sarah Stone (Artist/Writer)
Rebekah Isaacs (Artist)
Madeleine Flores (Artist)
Alice X. Zhang (Artist)
Colleen Coover (Artist)
Emmy Cicierega (Artist)
Emily Carroll (Artist)
Karen Berger (Editor)
Kathryn Immonen (Artist)
Kate Beaton (Artist/Writer)
E.K. Weaver (Artist/Writer)
Yuko Ota (Artist)
Lucy Knisley (Artist/Writer)
Jen Wang (Artist)
Kyla Vanderklugt (Artist)
Hwei (Artist)
Jordan F. Bochon (Writer)
Emi Lenox (Artist)
Joelle Jones (Artist)
Amanda Connor (Artist)
Amy Chu (Writer)
Stephanie Hans (Artist)
Alison Bechdel  (Artist/Writer)
Marguerite Bennett (Writer)
Alex DeCampi (Writer)
G Willow Wilson (writer)
Jordie Bellaire (colorist)
Tula Lotay (Artist) 

Anyway, I am obviously forgetting a TON of talented names, but you can seriously google this and get pages and pages of lists like this, only much better.
And please feel free to reblog and add names to the list! These creators deserve to be known!

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Who are you guys favourite youtubers besides your youtuber friends?


  • Grav3yard girl
  • Meghan Rosette
  • Claire Marshall
  • Sunbeamsjess
  • communitychannel


  • Mirandasings
  • Colleen Ballinger
  • Rachel Ballinger 
  • CTFxc
  • Caspar Lee