meghabits said: I’m half Irish and a quarter native american but I look way more Irish than Native. Its only my hair color that’s anything close. It’s interesting how people with similar ethnic(?) cultural? backgrounds can look so different.

It really is. When you add in the idea of epigenetics it goes all super crazy. From my research so far every male up my tree(I’m following my lastname mainly at the moment) was a farmer so it’s safe to say a good number of them had a tan. Making me tan. If you came from a family of bankers you could be lighter skined. But even that isn’t sure fire they could have been super pale (a lot of them did have slaves) it could have just taken one person to make me tan.

Also the exponential growth of people as you go back is INSANE. I mean I knew that each person has two parents but when you see it mapped out WOW! I mean two generations back, grandparents 4 people, at 9 gens its 256. That is soooo many people. Also after doing the math for that I realized it was just the classic run of the mill computer science sequence who’s name I can’t remember. (binary sequence? i thought it had a more proper name)

meghabits answered your question “I have a hate group on Facebook (that hates me and another guy)”

Whaaaat why do that hate you? Must be that damn Feminist ally thing you got going on. =p No really why though?

That’s really about it. I’m a page admin for a facebook group, and I’m the least frightened/most active admin on the page so when people get banned for being ultra shitty (because I very rarely ban people) they just blame me, rather than themselves. The hate group started as a group wrongly banned from our page (by the other guy they hate), but has since devolved into the refuse from our page. It’s mostly just a lot of edgemaster teenagers. They’re trying REALLY hard to get to me though. They shopped some gay porn of me and the other admin together lol

plz tri hrdr

meghabits replied to your postahahahaha omg i knew the decision to get rid of…

Estabrooke wasn’t up to code at all, so they were forced to by the fire marshall. There were literally police and fire trucks there first semester last year telling the university to stop housing there.

O_O Woah, no way. I wondered why they chose such a big building with so many rooms that are clearly not easily converted into classrooms. 

Actually now that I think of it, it was pretty shitty. I remember the elevator being waaaaay past due for an inspection.

But I was also told that the newest dorm (whatever that is) has a lot of issues as well, so…? I mean, even Patch has problems. If there’s ever a serious fire on the far side of that building… :(  

meghabits replied to your postIs this a class at UMaine?!

ohh okay. From what I knew the classes on that stuff in Maine are pretty good. You scared me for a minute. :P I’m taking women’s studies next semester.

Yeah, online classes at UMaine are usually okay, though there have still been some people I’d very much like to punch. 

And - AWWW you’re going to loooooove women’s studies there. It’s the best class at UMaine, okay. I’m taking a class on masculinity next semester that’s taught by the same professor. They really have their shit together in that department.