meggy baby

calling everyone going to niall’s show at the beacon in nyc on halloween!

i mentioned to my group chat last night that i’m thinking about wearing a costume to the concert but i wasn’t sure if i would or what i should wear. one of the lovely ladies in the group said she thought it would be cute if everyone showed up to the concert in cow costumes, or maybe dressed as vampires.

so maybe if you’re going to the concert on halloween, you could consider wearing a “candy” themed costume! (after rewatching the video, i’ve realised there are a few options to choose from; there’s the cow, of course, but there’s also a vampire and a pirate and peas-in-a-pod and the age-old halloween standby, a ghost!) and niall mentioned in an interview that he thinks everyone should wear a costume!

whether you’re going to the concert or not, maybe you could reblog this so i won’t be the only one dressed as a cow! 


I love you, Meggie Baby.

Spoken to me by my beloved grandmother Amy on Mother’s Day 1997, in a morphine-induced haze. She was on palliative care at home, dying of lung cancer, and she still used our favorite nickname for me. I can still see her face as I pulled away after giving her a huge hug, and knowing in my gut that I would never see her again.

She died a few days later. I still miss her so much I’m weeping as I type this.