meggob art


Basically boredom-induced style experiments. This one features Mina and the Count style yaaaaaaay~

I blame Jessi mostly for getting me back into MatC, especially since I didn’t see all of the episodes aside from one or two that were shown on “Oh Yeah Cartoons!” years ago. I loved the ones I saw when I was a kid, and I basically spazzed after seeing all six episodes just a month or so ago. Mina’s so adorable and the Count’s awesome. I wish they continued the series :C

Anywho here’s some doodles from a couple of rps with Cres(vampire&human) with Mortimer as the Count obviously. Xavier’s a vampire too instead of a hunchback like Igor since he’s Mortimer’s son, but he’s got Igor’s attitude |D;; Jesse is supposed to be Nick but I basically winged it with him in his present age.

I kinda wish I made the body shapes different from the original cast for Mortimer, Xavier and Cres, but I still liked how they came out. I’ll probably play around with the style and make them look more like themselves than the people they’re playing(aside from Xavier cuz HE’S A REBEL)

Mina and the Count © Rob Renzetti

Mortimer, Xavier, Jesse © Bloodthorne999

Cres © MeggoB


This is my 3D Design class final project: plaster sculpture. So far, I’m waiting to get word from the professor on what I can do to make it better, or if it’s good enough to paint the final touches.

It was fun making the plaster and having my own made block to sculpt with. Sanding it down was pretty fun too, cuz now it’s all nice and smooth I wanna pet it forever -u- I’d love to do it again sometime whenever I have time to spare.