Favorite Fictional Females Who Read Rory Gilmore, Hermione Granger, Liesel Meminger & Meggie Folchart

“There was another reason [she] took her books whenever they went away. They were her home when she was somewhere strange. They were familiar voices, friends that never quarreled with her, clever, powerful friends – daring and knowledgeable, tried and tested adventurers who had traveled far and wide. Her books cheered her up when she was sad and kept her from being bored.” 


Inkheart Fancast

Mo Folchart - Mark Ruffalo ~ Meggie Folchart - Sophie Nelisse ~ Dustfinger - Paul Bettany ~ Elinor - Helen Mirren ~  Basta - Richard Armitage ~ Capricorn - Rufus Sewell ~ Fenoglio  - Morgan Freeman ~ Farid - Suraj Sharma ~ Resa Folchart - Rosamund Pike

“Her curiosity was too much for her. She felt almost as if she could hear the books whispering on the other side of the half-open door. They were promising her a thousand unknown stories, a thousand doors into worlds she had never seen before.” 

I remember reading Inkheart when I was younger, and getting to the part where Meggie has this big revelation that she wants to write books, and being startled by the fact that this was something she had to decide. Like - you already know you love books. Doesn’t that automatically mean you want to create them?

Younger me was a bit narrow-minded.

When Mo opened the door of her room she quickly closed her eyes and tried to breathe as slowly as you do in a deep, innocent sleep. But Mo wasn’t stupid. In fact, he was sometimes terribly clever.

“Meggie, put one of your feet out of bed,” he told her. Reluctantly, she stuck her toes out from under the blanket and laid them in Mo’s warm hand. They were still cold.

—  Meggie Folchart and Mo Folchart, Inkheart by Cornelia Funke

He still had the most beautiful eyes of any boy she’d ever seen. But now her heart beat so much faster for someone else.

I was so happy when Meggie chose Doria in the end. Although I felt a bit sorry for Farid, he can be annoying, and to be honest, I just loved that part about Fenoglio’s unpublished story with grown-up Doria and his wife who came from somewhere far away. :“>