jackedjoyce  asked:

Meg liked Benny. For one thing, he was a monster with the face of a gentleman, and for another, he was incredibly polite, often inviting her out and then going so far as to ask for Cas's permission. He treated her like a lady and she almost felt like he omitted the fact that they were both monsters that were better off dead. So when he asked her for lunch again, she was more than happy to jump the gun. He was picking at his chinese food and she had to admire the way he kept up the human side

of himself (though she didn’t miss the blood packet he used instead of duck sauce), and smirked at him. So weird how he would let her start eating first, patient and calm, but the weirdest part was how he seemed to blend in. Sunglasses indoors, heavy coats, yet he still made the effort to go outside. Strange, oh so strange. Yet beautiful in it’s own weird way. She finally made her decision. She really, /really/ liked Benny. And she was pretty damn sure he liked her too.

thank you, friend. this is wonderful ;___;