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How about some headcanons of TFP Megatron, Starscream, Soundwave, Knockout, Breakdown, Dreadwing & Predaking in their holoform wanting to hold hands with their shy s/o. They refuse and the cons are confused. They confessed their hands are super sweaty that their ex - lover broke up with them for that reason alone. How would they react?

I’ve seen one like this! I hope it doesn’t influence my response too much.


-You pull away and he’s almost angry. Why?

-You tell him and he thinks that’s bullshit. Give him your hand.

-His hand is big and warm, so it’s pretty sweaty, too.


-You pull away, and it’s quite the blow to his ego. He begrudgingly asks what the issue is.

-He rolls his optics at your reasoning. The past does not matter. Let him hold your hand.

-His fingers are long, and his hand is cold and clammy. It counter balances your sweat, and you perspire less.


-You tug your hand away from his, and he is wounded! Why would you reject him like that?

-Your ex was a dick! Let him hold you, dammit!

-His hands are clean, manicure, and perfect. He’s willing to overlook a bit of sweat to show his S/O he cares.


-You pull away, and he’s more confused than anything. He looks at you with questions in his eyes.

-He thinks that’s a stupid reason to dump someone.

-He takes your hand with his, which is even more sweaty than yours.


-As per human courting rituals he is to take your hand, is he not? Then why did you pull away?

-He didn’t realise sweaty palms were a legitimate reason to dump someone.  He thinks it’s rude and inconsiderate.

-He takes your hand and hold it in his large calloused one.


-When you pull away, he wonders if he’s misinterpreted things, and overstepped some boundaries. He apologises, and you explain.

-You’re ex was obviously not a very good prince charming. Lucky for you, he’s a king.

-His hand is large, warm, and domineering. It’s very dry, but not calloused. 

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just sayin, but id LOVE to see a full-blown essay from you about why you love Starscream! you explain your thoughts and feeling on characters really well!

Oh my thank you! (´,,•ω•,,)♡

You know what? I will write it, just not right now. I was planning to re-read the IDW comics from the beginning once my semester ends, which will give me a chance to take notes and corral my thoughts in order to produce something much more thorough. So if all goes to plan, expect that, along with perhaps a bunch of other Transformers meta, later in the year. 

In the meantime here and here are a couple of really short things I’ve written about IDW Starscream in the past. There’s also a bunch of stuff about Starscream attached to the discussions I’ve had regarding Megatron and their relationship floating around on my blog. I’ve been thinking of gathering them up into a masterpost.

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TFP cons have a shy but kind and patient human hostage who befriends them slowly but surely and even got a crush on ALL of THEM. The best part? The cons love them too. Who would try to confess/ask them out? Who would deny it? Who would accept it themselves (maybe?) BUT doesn't confess / ask them out? I hope this is ok. This is my first time requesting a who's who

Everything looks good! I think I got all the cons, but if I didn’t let me know.

Confess: Arachnid, Knockout, Breakdown (with some coaxing), Predaking

Deny: Shockwave, Megatron, Skyquake, Makeshift, Dreadwing

Accept but doesn’t confess: Soundwave, Steve, Starscream

that masterpost of ppl complaining about homosexuality in captain underpants reminded me of this gloriously bad review of transformers mtmte vol 9 so here u go

the best part is the writer found this and posted it on twitter saying it was the best review of his comic he’d ever seen