Megatroid’s [Free] levels ready surprising me. They’re nearly universally well-designed, with forking paths and unseeable rewards, flourishing smatterings of enemies, and newborn and elating insta-kill traps every so often. And the travail curve is rattling quite good. Aside from the irregular out-of-place spike, the enemies do a enthusiastic job of ownership pace with my character’s skills. These strength be the sorts of things you’d wait from a Mega Man-style platformer, but there’s a think I’m impressed: Megatroid’s levels are arbitrarily generated.

To start a newborn level you start a word, or a phrase, or a progress of gibberish. The mettlesome takes that haphazard seed and spits discover a unequalled level. It’s a modify feature, and it helps ready this free-to-play mettlesome feeling fresh.

There are limits to the randomness. For example, every take looks pretty such the same. They don’t endeavor the same, but you’ll separate into the aforementioned platforms, the aforementioned deadly flushed spikes, the aforementioned walls and above all, the aforementioned enemies. The pieces haw come unconnected and be place back unitedly in elating new forms, but they’re the aforementioned pieces every time. How daylong you crapper tolerate that fact module depend on your temperament, but at small there are surprises to wager throughout Megatroid’s length.

The platforming itself is iffier. This water under the anathemize of realistic buttons: it’s artefact too cushy to woman the mitt and correct arrows when you requirement them most, or dispense when you poverty to jump. Jumping when you poverty to dispense is inferior deadly, at least. The threefold jump crapper also be frustrating: you move higher with a hurried double-tap than you do by inactivity till the apex of your prototypal jump, and that meet doesn’t see right.

When it counts, the noise of the mettlesome fades into the background. There’s a news about attractive down an grievous robot empire. It involves labour boss monsters and liberating accumulation with your lowercase drone chum S.P.A.K.K. As it progresses, so do you, unlocking newborn tiers of equipment and a newborn ability or digit along the way.

Equipment is the abstract that will, hopefully, ready Trilolith Entertainment afloat. You acquire credits in-game at a stabilize clip, and you crapper spend them on pretty beatific equipment. Or you crapper purchase SpaceBucks for much, such better stuff. Up until the game’s midway saucer I didn’t wager need to pay. If you’re meliorate than I am, you strength be healthy to vex the politico that’s institute there with accepted equipment. I didn’t vantage that soured until I institute myself with a shiny, expensive new gun.

Otherwise the mettlesome really is liberated to play, and with an unbounded variety of levels you crapper play as such as you could mayhap want. Your advancement halts at apiece boss you accomplish and the news content exclusive lasts finished ten case levels so far, but it sounds same there are plans in the entireness for such more.

If it weren’t for the dodgy controls and interface, Megatroid would be a top-tier game. And since the mettlesome is low ongoing development, I wouldn’t be astonied to wager those tweaked and reinforced as instance goes by (ideally along with a some lingering bugs). As problems go, an clumsy and rough-looking programme isn’t significant, and the controls are exclusive an supply in the thin moments the mettlesome demands a aggregation of precision. Mostly it’s fast-paced sufficiency that a lowercase sloppiness doesn’t hurt.

Best of all, it’s a aggregation of recreation for free. As such as you could want, really, since the levels never kibosh coming. Eventually they’ll intend old, but ground not hit some recreation in the meantime? Shooting downbound robots, bound over noxious traps, determining when to separate and when to fight—it’s a enthusiastic time patch the recreation lasts. Take up your gun, fisticuffs the empire, and do it every without outlay a dime. Sounds same a care to me.

App Store Link: MEGATROID, Free (Universal)