finally got my third bbtc win!! 

This time i was queen megasus, and i was brought into a six person alliance right off the bat with queen shelly, jackie, elissa, britney, and janelle. Then i tried to make side alliances, including one with hayden and one with monet.. then we make like F8 or something and my alliance needs a pawn and they promise me i’m safe etc so i go up.. then the house flips and i’m evicted!! so i go to jury and bond with my bae nick, and we become best friends pretty much rip. <3

then somehow i win buyback and get back into the house and win a bunch of comps and somehow get to the F2!! Win by a 4-3 vote against monet!

really though this was an awesome game. thanks for hosting jasonroyalty and oddreym!! also it was an iconic cast and i loved all of you!!!