Star Megastar

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A comet swarm can’t explain that 'alien megastructure' star after all
The weirdest star just got even weirder.
By Bec Crew

Back in October, astronomers discovered a strange pattern of light near a distant star called KIC 8462852 that no one could explain. When a planet orbits a star, the star’s brightness will usually dip by just 1 percent, but KIC 8462852 has been experiencing dips of up to 22 percent, which suggests that something very, very big is zooming past.

The best explanation we had was that a huge mass of comets has been erratically orbiting KIC 8462852, kicking up enough dust to dim its light to such a degree. But a new analysis of the last 100 years of the star’s history has rendered this hypothesis just as implausible as any other. So… aliens then?

“Either one of our refutations has some hidden loophole, or some theorist needs to come up with some other proposal,” astronomer Bradley Schaefer from Louisiana State University told Jacob Aron at New Scientist.