how skywarper and i met

since ive been asked this a lot, i decided to make a fuckin post about it lmao also @megatronforever since i saw youre reply just now…

@skywarper originally followed me on tumblr around July 26th 2016 (haha one year ago to the day Im writing this) and i made a vague post about them because I saw that they’re Starscream kin or whatever and im Megatron uhhh here i dug into The Archive to find it:

in case its a bit hard to read, the last one says “food and sleep is a good common ground i spend about half my day doing that. you seem cool tho im glad to know you either way”

I never actually responded to their last reply because I got a bit socially awkward and honestly felt pretty bad ghsgshghshg but we continued contact since then as really good friends and it grew from there.

They then started spamming their blog with megastar content (here’s one of the many things they reblogged – also this one too) and so I vagued somewhere saying something like “a Starscream kin followed me (megatron) and all theyre posting is megastar. im not too sure how to take that” but I forget exactly where i vagued it (I think it was in a PM to a few friend HhH). It Was A Sign.

so thats literally how we started talking. a fucking vague post i made about them and eventually sending each other ask memes and then using tumblr IM to talk hsghrhrshgsrg

anonymous asked:

They keep creating this juxtaposition between H & L which benefits Harry and throws L under the bus. First with the airport incident and the smear campaign against L, contrasting that to how H treats fans, now with the larry denial and L being portrayed as homophobic vs lgbtq supporter H. I feel like they want to switch fan support entirely to H so they can have their megastar + use L's image to absolve Sony/Simon of any wrongdoing with regard to bbgate and larry without any fan outrage.

I think it is highly probable that Harry’s team is behind this! The only thing they accomplished was to make Harry shine and to hurt Louis. Hasn’t Louis suffered enough? What type of person would do this? It is beyond awful!! This person is beyond awful cause they know the truth. 🌸

Star Megastar

A massive solid steel handgun made in Spain, they were available in .45 ACP and 10mm Auto. Both are fairly uncommon in the U.S since they were only sold for a few years before Star went bankrupt. Very sought after, especially in 10mm since the weight helps control the recoil, but doesn’t make it a concealed carry option. The Megastar is as large as the Desert Eagle.


THIS TOOK ME SO LONG SHUDGSDGBSDGH lies down for fifty years

very belated valentines gift for my wonderful qpp @gottalovesteak​ !! oh my god i dont even know what to say w/o getting too sappy just know I LOVE YOU SO MUCH and appreciate everything you do for me and hopefully my hours of blood and sweat convey this message to you

also: legs for D A Y S

*please dont tag this as kin/me/etc fr either!! thank you sm

Can I just talk about this one moment in TFP in the episode “Patch” ?

Like, Megatron reached out to Starscream to assure him, calmly saying “No one is perfect, Starscream”. Megatron legitimately meant it to him that he doesn’t expect Starscream to be perfect. and he understands that no one is perfect, kudos to you Megatron, we should all learn something from him

March Fashion Month

Fridays: Starscream // Thomas Bangalter

Shattered Glass Starscream is so precious and his relationship with Megatron in that universe is so sickeningly sweet its adorable >W<

On a side note, I never noticed how beautiful Shattered Glass Starscream’s arm…sword things are! The details and the wing-like designs are so angelic XD