LOK Disney Madness Week - Day 3 - Megasami

The garden was cold and lonely with Bolin gone, and Asami walked slowly amongst the statues, reliving every moment she’d spent with him that day. He’d made her laugh more than she’d ever laughed before. And she’d never felt so strong as she did with him touching her.

She would not (could not) hurt him.

And Asami sighed, knowing that–

“Hello, Asami, sweetheart.”

–her father would appear any time, a burst of electricity lighting his way.

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LOK Disney Madness Day 3 - Megasami

The original I had done had her entire body but I messed up on the hands and had to cut the sketch right up her waist :S I just prefer it this way. I was able to do 3 days so far! ASDFGHJKL. It’s very rare… I hardly participate a lot in these things… except Korrasami week XD I went nuts during Korrasami week

hahahah i got a crazy amount of responses for that question that were all over the place.

ANYWAY i picked my herc and i have about 550 words done. and i could let this be all i’ll write but i’m considering writing more since i’m really digging this.

i won’t say who my herc is, though. or any of the other characters. it’s just gonna be a surprise.

tee hee