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i was in the lok fandom since the very beginning but ive forgotten minor details about fanart history. who created mermako and beekorra? when and how did simkorra came about?

[cracks knuckles] you’ve come to the right place.


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-created by jackie elventhespian just for fun, but eventually the game started playing her and it was… a mess. A beautiful, beautiful BABY OVERLOADED mess.


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-Initially created by me as a joke in response to this post by hayley sherbies

-The Beekorra Legacy was then continued by baelor using the beekorra url.


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-created by pinkaffinity in 2012 as a result of a “send me a prompt & i’ll write a 3 sentence story out of it” meme & this specific request

-the creation of mermako inevitably led to creation of “The Fandom Makos” which included beautiful abominations such as mashion, macow, maglasses, batmako, etc.etc.etc. 

-mermako also directly sparked the beginning of “LoK Disney Madness” which included other beautiful crossovers such as: 

kuzkorra by adult-sasuke (image source)


megasami (image source)

bo white (image source)

… and a lot more but YOU GET THE PICTURE.

idk if you can tell but Mermako holds a very special place in my heart.

LOK Disney Madness Week - Day 3 - Megasami

The garden was cold and lonely with Bolin gone, and Asami walked slowly amongst the statues, reliving every moment she’d spent with him that day. He’d made her laugh more than she’d ever laughed before. And she’d never felt so strong as she did with him touching her.

She would not (could not) hurt him.

And Asami sighed, knowing that–

“Hello, Asami, sweetheart.”

–her father would appear any time, a burst of electricity lighting his way.

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