I wish being fat was the mainstream ideal for female beauty. Just doing cute feedee stuff in public like it’s something everyone understands and girls gorge and make pigs of themselves as often as possible, skinnier girls trying really really hard to eat all the time, cute boys showing interest in cute girls by ordering them lots of food, megarich movie stars having immobile wives, probably…

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Hey!! Your supercorp fic is so amazing!!! I love that Lena is so into Kara... Can you continue?

part one, part two

“i’m not doing anything nefarious, you know,” lena sighs from inside her home office, and the comment—unexpected, given that kara hasn’t said anything to her or interrupted her at all—makes kara jump. she’s been loitering outside the study for some time, just listening to lena type and occasionally scanning the apartment and the sky above. kara frowns at the closed door—maybe it was a test? “i can see your shadow, supergirl.”

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