Glass Avengers

So after seeing Age of Ultron last night after work, I was inspired to start some stained glass Avengers designs. Here’s a sneak peek of a suncatcher that could be hanging in a window near you, (hopefully that window is inside your home.)

Pssst, if you Wanna see it in windows or hanging outside, then you can donate to help get my glass studio started.

Yep it’s one of those.

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Questions from That Girl I Like So Much:

  1. If you could have any dog in the world, what would it look like and what would you name it? A mutt, definitely, something scruffy and a little weird looking but smart and friendly, something medium sized. I would probably name it something ridiculous like Mort or Fitzwilliam Darcy.
  2. You get a magical device that lets you go into any book, movie, or tv show that you want. The catch is, you’re going to be there for a period of at least six months, and you aren’t necessarily going to be living the life of the main character. You’re just going to be in that world basically as you are (so like you aren’t going to be an Avenger, you’re just going to be living in NYC in the Marvel Universe) Where do you go, and why? Star Trek: The Next Generation and I become a teacher on a family star ship heck yeah. I get to see space, do the job I love, probably get all my surgeries taken care of way better by a federation doctor, don’t have to worry about money, and maybe get to see Captain Picard from afar and swoon?
  3. What is your favourite food? Pastas, regardless of form. Om nom nom Italian food.
  4. What do you think the colour teal tastes like? What does the colour pink smell like? LISTEN, YOU WEIRD SYNTHENESIA-Y PERSON. I don’t know. Teal probably tastes… sweet? Like almost sickeningly so. And pink probably smells like that bubblegum that comes all wound up in a long strip, bubble tape or whatever.
  5. If you could see a cage match between any two authors, which two would you want to see fight it out and why? Who would win? After some consideration, I think it would have to be J.D. Salinger and John Green. Because Salinger would be fighting for his honor while John Green flailed around trying to protect his head while trying to shout at Salinger about how much he admires his work. Obviously Salinger would win.
  6. If you were going to take part in a pub quiz, who would you want as your partner (and why) and what would your team name be? That depends: am I playing for fun or for victory? If it’s for fun, definitely you (Beth), and we could have a great name like the Picardigans. If it’s to win, definitely my sister who knows everything, and we’d call our team Stay Out of the Way.
  7. If you had to pick just one type of food to eat for the rest of your life (or like, for a year), what would you pick? Pastas! We’ve been over this!
  8. If the Doctor (or any other Time Lord, really) asked you to go with him, would you go? Where and when would you want to go first? Yes, definitely. And I would ask which place and time (s)he thought was most fun, and go there. Why not? My knowledge of the universe is way to limited to pick. (Although if I have to pick maybe I’d just want to jump a little into the future and see if my oldest niece gets better.)
  9. If you could instantly acquire any skill, and be incredibly good at it immediately  what would you want? You mean other than, like, the skill of acquiring new skills? It would probably reading/understanding people (as individuals, I’m not talking about capital-P People here). I just think that would be really useful.
  10. What would you want the title of your biography to be? You Tried: A Story of Failing Until You Don’t
  11. What is the most interesting thing about you? My weird face. No, probably my broad-mindedness? (That’s a thing, right?) I think there are very few topics about which someone could start talking to me about that I wouldn’t be able to find interesting, especially if whomever I’m talking about it passionate about it.

My 11 questions???

  1.  Which Hogwarts house and why.
  2. Why should I listen to your favorite band/album (yes this one is selfish, I need some new music)?
  3. If you could nominate any person (real or fictional, alive or dead) for president/prime minister/whomever leads your country, who would it be and why?
  4. Ok everyone has been asked who would play you in the movie of your life, but I want to know: who would play your parents?
  5. You adopt a kid. He/she has a really unusual name, like celebrity baby unusual, but you’re kind of charmed by it. What is the name, and do you change it?
  6. What item of clothing would you wear every day if you could?
  7. Make up a new word and tell me what it means.
  8. For every media type, it seems like there’s something that EVERYONE has experienced (the game they’ve all played, movie they’ve all seen, etc). What’s something you HAVEN’T experienced that goes against your “type” (i.e. I’m a nerdfighter who hasn’t read Looking for Alaska)?
  9. If you had to live in the universe of one of the Disney movies (not take the place of a main character, just exist in their world), which movie would you pick and why?
  10. If you could get rid of one thing in the world, make it so it never even existed, what would it be and why? (You can’t say Hitler, that’s boring.)
  11. If you could get around every day by any mode of travel, what would it be and why? 









idk if you even want to and also any one else who is bored/procrastinating.