“This is my most loved and precious cat, Lynx who passed away last year and my heart was very heartbroken. My sister in law found her in a tree covered in ants when she was just a very tiny kitten. When she brought her home I fell in love with her! I will never ever forget her and have even have a tattoo dedicated to her. Make sure to always love and cherish your cats every second because you don’t know when they’ll be gone!”

This is from @megarah-moon. Thank you for sharing with us  ❤️️

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🌷 = favourite blogs

Ok, i’m going to divide them into categories

RuroKen, no, anime in general: @mysteriouslysaltytragedy @haganehimura @akusokuzan @animaniacal @keichanz @calcifor @jinlian @hundredpercentofe @lookuptotheinfinite 

Tolkien/HP @eomer @elvenkiing @feanore @mjrkwood @tlotrgifs @shirehobbit @lotrdaily @lotrlorien @theshire @thuringwcthil @timeladv @regulusblxcks @nxrcissamxlfoy @petuniaevans @paddfoot @archistratego @aredhels

Nature/landscapes/places: @bright-witch @tuaari @ladymantheniel @dehanginggarden @megarah-moon @litheriel @ileftmyheartintokyo @banshy @thedruidsforest @theendlessforest @anthony-samaniego @teapalm @te5seract @allthingseurope 

Art/Illustration: @acrylicalchemy @reimenaashelyee @nkim-illustrates @hennerzartwork @accordingtodevin

Science (including humor): @scienceshenanigans @neurosciencestuff @larstheyeti @amoebasisters 

Recipes: @foodffs @butteryplanet  

Books/quotes/languages: @wordsnquotes @word-stuck @languagenerds @bookworminabox 

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I recently reached 5000 follower which is awesome thank you so much! 💚  I wanted to make a post of all my fav blogs for a long time now and now seems like a great time to do so ^-^ (In no order)

@peikkotanssi @lacrimisnubium @moonshadows-moonstones @greenreblooming @mydododied @aetheric-aesthetic @mithrildis @sailleengladelling @my-minor-heaven @curuni @quiet-nymph @bright-witch @theburningcreation @arccitius @thursarn @nemithyst @dhyngetal @luna-intheforest @erilentiya @yidneth @buron @phoenixfeatherxlight @dame-wolf @elvishkid @elf-of-lorien @tempetes @lunarlightforge @faeoftheoaks @morganathewitch @yggdrasill– @forndom @inatt @miras-enchanted-realm @jasminne @nordfjell @naturespiritheart @tigernightstar @theendlessforest @elvenforestgirl @nilenia @moody-nature @celticrealm @sweetd3lights @faeyrin @faeralyn @the-enchanted-storybook @litheriel @lavenderwaterwitch @rivermusic @folkforestwitch @megarah-moon @floralwaterwitch @wildlxng @elvensoul @taurnil-son-of-the-nature @spiritofthewoods @thedruidsforest @niiv @farbeyondthequiet @hobbitheart @dehanginggarden @ysambre-fauntography @wonder-of-north @earthen-soul @kissedbythepixies @norsevikingqueen @moon-spells @thegardennymph @godsinthemountains @elfenhain @myelvenkingdom @witchingtime @hecatewitch @thesilvanelves @silvaris @witching-huntress @elwethiel-daughter-of-the-forest @dewdropdwelling @forest-faerie-spirit @realmofthenymphs @norse-forge @voiceofnature @elfofthewoodlandrealm @grandfatherhermit @90377 @beckoningforest @annethearcher @norsefaery @elvenrealm @trolltail @pagan-pride @fallen-from-the-stars @ghostsiren

If you look for enchanting blogs I would highly recommend following those named above 💚

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hey this is random but could you recommend some of your favorite blogs? you have such good taste!!!

Aw of course! <3 there are soOo many great blogs i follow (im always maxing out the allowed amount to follow which is 5,000 lolll woops) and actually yours is easily one of my favorites :) but here are some that I try to check out pretty regularly <3

@thepocket-mouse @changedherways @faeralyn @wovenbirds @lacellie @sunset-lover @magically-assisting @changedherways @thebluecornerbybeldarion @faerymimi @nicaxdreams @glitteringroseangel @shamanic-souls @wittlecritter @the-elegant-moonlight @vermithax @opheliascoffee @moonandtrees @thatkindofwoman @persrephone @simoner-boner @floralls @rosee-viibes @komorebi-paintbrush @megarah-moon @changlngtheweather @shumpsandcrumbs @ufohydra @aloveinbloom @geminichick523 @astral-alien-babe @hypnotic-bambi @aurorahoneysuckle @child-of-the-universe @antisocial-treehugger @diaphanee @forevergratefulo @hernamewastruth @mother-of-plants

i would also suggest checking out who i directly reblog from bc I tend to queue a ton of posts from a blog when I view it, so when my queue does eventually post them, you’ll notice its one post after another from the same blog. Also you can go through the list of who I’m following since I recently let that be view-able <3

🍄Forest-Faerie-Spirit’s Favorite Blogs🍁


I was tagged by the lovely brie-basaur to post 6 selfies, so here are my favourites!

2014/15 have been really great years. Before then I absolutely hated my appearance. I would never post selfies, and if I did I would delete them shortly after. I hated myself so, so much. But now I can easily say that I often like my appearance. Some days I even think I’m pretty! I can look at all of these selfies and not see a single thing wrong with any of them. It’s a pretty great feeling ♥

I tag the following, and anyone else who wants to! I’d love to see all of your beautiful faces!

wulfwire, wisteria-spirit, watermeadows, scbbystan, megarah-moon, elfofthewoodlandrealm, magic-spelldust, idontidentify, and no-myth


So here is the reason I’ve been on hiatus - Chelsey and I are having another baby!!!!!

We found out almost a week ago and have been figuring stuff out since then. As with Aiden, this will be a high-risk pregnancy so I’m going to make sure Chelsey stays off her feet and relaxes. She is estimated to be around two months along and due to give birth around October 2nd. We are so excited and happy beyond belief, and Aiden is super excited to be a big brother!

I’m sorry for vanishing off tumblr without any information, but until we were sure everything is okay we didn’t want to post anything.

Hello, My name’s Meg. I live in california and I’m 19, an animal lover, pagan, a horse rider, I love to watch anime and play video games, I’m in love with stevie nicks, my dream is to become a primatologist, and i love to drink tea and dance in the rain. want to explore a forest together? ^-^


Spiritual Shoutout ✨

Would any of you lovely Energy Faeries like to win a shoutout from me and @megarah-moon to almost 10k other wonderful souls on tumblr ? If so, reblog this picture and follow both of out blogs.

We will shout out each blog separately with why we love it and a screenshot! Everyone’s blog portrays who they are inside and its important to know who you are. Open yourself up to the world! 🍃🌻

The winners will be chosen on the 18th of November.

Light & Love everybody, I can’t wait to look through some cool blogs! 🌙✨