Spiritual Shoutout ✨

Would any of you lovely Energy Faeries like to win a shoutout from me and @megarah-moon to almost 10k other wonderful souls on tumblr ? If so, reblog this picture and follow both of out blogs.

We will shout out each blog separately with why we love it and a screenshot! Everyone’s blog portrays who they are inside and its important to know who you are. Open yourself up to the world! 🍃🌻

The winners will be chosen on the 18th of November.

Light & Love everybody, I can’t wait to look through some cool blogs! 🌙✨


I was tagged by the lovely brie-basaur to post 6 selfies, so here are my favourites!

2014/15 have been really great years. Before then I absolutely hated my appearance. I would never post selfies, and if I did I would delete them shortly after. I hated myself so, so much. But now I can easily say that I often like my appearance. Some days I even think I’m pretty! I can look at all of these selfies and not see a single thing wrong with any of them. It’s a pretty great feeling ♥

I tag the following, and anyone else who wants to! I’d love to see all of your beautiful faces!

wulfwire, wisteria-spirit, watermeadows, scbbystan, megarah-moon, elfofthewoodlandrealm, magic-spelldust, idontidentify, and no-myth


My sister taught Aiden the meaning behind Hakuna Matata. This is so freakin’ adorable!