Photos and screen caps of Alex promoting The Legend of Tarzan at Mix Megapol radio station (07/13/16, Sweden).

You can listen to his podcast interview with Gry & Anders here or here!*

*It’s in Swedish.  If you understand Swedish, please reply to this post and tell us what they’re saying. :-)

Sources/Thanks @: (x, x)

mariagranquist instagram:  “Days when you can snooze Tarzan in the neck (the armpit) are still little extra beautiful in the Radio Play & listen to when Alexander Skarsgård is visiting succépodden # gryochandersmedgäster

gryochandersmedvanner instagram:  “Alexander Skarsgård is visiting pod Gry & Anders with guests! A steaming fresh section, see the # Radio Play app! #MixMegapol GryochAndersMedGäster # Alexander Skarsgard

Our caps from gryforssell instagram:  “When Tarzan’s cry is heard through the jungle as heeding Jane and Jane! This morning I met @praktikantmalin and Skarsgård and you can hear all about Finnish zombie wedding and snogging on all fours with dancers in pajamas in the pod, “Gry & Anders with guests” that are out there right now! Radio Play or iTunes buddies. #tarzan #alexanderskarsgard # gryochandersmedgäster … hardly at all giggly.”