((Speaking of which, I think I’ve got down what I want to happen. One, I don’t see our zone gaining an Eggman any time soon, and two, even if we did there isn’t enough people around to do a big plot and I know people aren’t keen on the idea of being locked into a plot that could potentially go on for months. (What with the loss of a muse suddenly, real life obligations, etc.)

So I’ve been brainstorming something. Something happening to New Megaopolis. An explosion or something, caused by Eggman developing some new weapon to win the war, perhaps even sabotaged by an unknown 3rd party. It would cause things to change drastically in the zone, that’s for sure.

This whole Eggman thing has been going on and spoken about by our muses for quite a while now, and I think it’s time to put it to bed. Without a sizable amount of people in the zone and the willingness to keep the plot going non-stop, I don’t think a proper end could be done. Hence, this idea I’ve had.

Comments? Concerns? Feel free to reblog/reply to this post.))