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Long Live - Chapter 1

My first multi-chapter fic! Okay, so this has been in the works for a few months and i’m really excited (nervous) to finally post it! Thanks to cutie5780 for brainstorming with me!

Summary: Virgil was everything a future prince shouldn’t be. Quiet, antisocial kid at school who was the last person anyone ever expected to be the future leader of a faraway country. Luckily, that’s what Roman was there for.

Pairing: Prinxiety 

Words: 1564

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Virgil sighed and shoved his hands deep into his pockets, zoning out mindless chatter of his friends and drone of the teacher at the front of the stuffy classroom. His mind aimlessly spun as his gaze fell to the clock on the wall, watching the last minutes of his final class of the day crawl by. The school day had been…bearable. Sure, the homework was still too much and most of the students were complete assholes but it was just about tolerable.

“What do you think, Verge?”

Virgil’s mind tuned back into his friends’ conversation at the mention of his name. Logan and Patton were staring at him expectantly. He stared back blankly.

‘What the hell were they talking about?’

“Do try to pay attention next time,” Logan quipped. “We’re trying to decide which is better: Star Wars or Doctor Who.”

“It’s obviously Star Wars,” Patton cut in.

“That’s where you’re wrong, Pat. Doctor Who has over 50 years’ worth of-“ The shrill ring of the school bell cut Logan off.

Virgil jumped out of his chair and started to pack his books away, eager to get home for some peace and quiet. He impatiently hovered by the door as he waited for the other two, for once there wasn’t some after-school event they were going to.

‘Finally,’ Virgil thought as the three of them left the classroom. They fought through the masses of students in hallways and out of the building.

Straight into the chaos they never even knew were there.

Photographers and journalists were camped outside the school, just barely held back from the school grounds by the gates that stretched around the grounds. They seemed to stretch on forever. Photographers were pushed up against the metal, their expensive cameras sticking through the bars. Journalists had their back to the school, addressing the cameras they stood in front of, a dedicated team was standing out of shot of every one of them. News trucks were parked haphazardly in the street, as if they had rushed out to broadcast. A curious group of on-lookers had also gathered, stretching to catch a glimpse of what the media was in such a frenzy about. None of them could understand why seemingly every single news channel had come to their little town. Their little high school wasn’t anything special, neither was any of the people that went there. Well, as far as anyone knew, no one that went to the school was special outside of those gates.

As the three students stepped outside, the media erupted, shouting question after question and calling for one of them: Virgil.

The camera flashes blinded him, taking away his vision as they attacked from every angle. Virgil froze in shock and horror.

Patton leaned over, not taking wide, shock-filled, eyes off the photographers. “Verge, what’s going on? Why are they calling for you? Why are they calling you Prince?

‘Not now! How the hell did they find out?’

“I’ve got to go,” Virgil replied, turning to run from the media circus. The longer he stayed here the more opportunity they had. He had to get home, fast.

Logan grabbed his wrist, determined to get an explanation to the entirely confusing situation. “Virgil, you’re not going anywhere until you tell us what’s going on.”

“I can’t right now!” Virgil looked to the press, his anxiety and fear of being in the public eye rising. “I’ll explain later.”

Logan sighed, a worried expression falling across his face, but he let go.

Virgil pulled his hood up and bolted, running out of the school grounds and down the street. The press followed him, photographers snapping at his heels and taking pictures as they ran. Virgil sprinted as best he could, backpack awkwardly jumping as he tried to get away from the people trying to invade his life.

Ducking and skidding into alleyways helped him to lose the photographers. He leaned against a brick wall as he caught his breath. He was out of their clutches, for now. He rounded the corner and almost cried with relief as his home came into view. No photographer or journalist in sight. It was like nothing had changed on the road he lived on, a quiet, peaceful escape from the rest of the chaos he had been thrown into.

Virgil slammed the front door shut and let his head fall back against it with a gentle thud. His thoughts were a whirlwind, jumping from one question to the next without an answer to any of them.

‘What the hell is going on?’

‘How did they know?’

‘What was going to happen now?’

Virgil’s mother rushed into the hallway, freezing as she saw him exhaustedly leaning against the door. He loved his mother but damn did her past cause him some problems.

“What’s going on? How’d they find out?” Virgil asked.

His mother sighed and wrapped an arm around him, leading him to the couch. “C’mon honey. Let’s go and sit down.”

“No, I don’t want to sit down! I want to know what’s going on,” he snapped, ducking out of his mother’s grasp.

She hung her head and dropped down onto the couch, absentmindedly chewing on one of her perfectly manicured nails as she stared out of the window. “Your grandmother made the announcement. You’re to join her out in Clearice immediately and begin your lessons. I’m sorry Virgil, I had no idea she was going to do this. Apparently, it helped the press to track you down pretty quickly. I had no idea they were at your school until it was on tv or else I would have come and gotten you myself.”

Virgil’s mind was reeling. ‘She’s made the announcement!’ He was going to be the crown prince.
“She said I could wait until I’m 18. Until I finished school.”

Virgil’s mother sighed. “There’s been…tension recently. For her to produce this mysterious heir that she always bragged about – you. We have to fly out tomorrow.”


“But I don’t want to do it. You know I’ve never wanted to do it. You gave it up to be with dad, right? Can’t I just stand down?” Virgil rambled, trying to look for any way out of the situation.

“Virgil,” she started, standing and turning to face him. “At least give it a shot. Like a six month trial run. Your dad would have wanted you to at least try.”

‘Great. She’s using the dad card.’

“Fine,” Virgil hissed, storming up the stairs and slamming his bedroom door shut. His knees buckled and he hit the floor, tears filling his eyes and the panic of the situation finally sinking in. He didn’t bother trying to get back up, letting the tears flow as his walls came tumbling down. His chest tightened as his breath started to come in short bursts.

‘I can’t do this. I can’t do it.’

Virgil gripped at his hair, pulling at it as if he could pull the overwhelming thoughts straight out of his head.

The grounding feeling of his phone buzzing in his pocket slowly pulled the panic away. He shakily reached his hand into his pocket and pulled out his phone, breathing a sigh of relief when he saw it was Patton calling, not Logan. He didn’t think he could deal with Logan’s cold demeanour right now. He accepted the call.

“Virgil!” Patton exclaimed. “Are you okay, sport? What’s going on?”

Virgil’s eyes filled back up with tears as he tried to explain. “I…I-“ He was cut off by sobs.

“Hey, hey Verge. Calm down its okay. Take deep breaths for me. That’s good…keep going. Great. Now talk to me.”

“There’s something I never told you.”

“Yeah I kinda guessed that.”

Virgil sighed. “My mom was a princess. She gave it up to be with my dad. I don’t have any aunts or uncles so the title was passed onto me.”

Patton went quiet.

“Patton? Patton, are you there? You-“


It was Virgil’s turn to go silent.

“Do I have to call you Sir now?” Patton asked, excitement clear in his voice.

“What? No, of course not.” A sharp knock at Virgil’s door pulled him out of the conversation. “Patton, I’ve got to go. Can you tell Logan for me? I don’t think I can handle his…logic today, not after everything that’s already happened.”

“Sure I can! Oh, and Virgil?”


“You’ll be a great prince.”

“Thanks, Pat,” Virgil smiled and hung up, bolting over to sit on his bed and act like he hadn’t just been having a breakdown behind his door. Little did Patton know, he’d never actually become prince, he’d refuse the position before it got that far.

“Hey, honey?” Virgil’s mother hesitantly stepped into the room.


“You want any help packing”

‘Oh yeah, I’ll have to pack wont I? Way to rub salt in the wound.’ “No, I’m fine.”


“Yes, get off my back!”

His mother didn’t reply, silently leaving the room.

He sighed, falling back onto the bed. Today couldn’t have gone worse. In the space of an hour he’d started to lose everything.  His old life, his home, his friends. Only to be replaced with a life where he’d constantly be in the public eye, scrutinized over his hair, his clothes, his personality. He would never accept his grandmother’s offer, and nothing could ever change his mind.

“[Body insecurity is] heightened when you’re an actor. Like everyone else, I have good days, [and] I have bad weeks. I can feel really frumpy. Luckily, my very hot husband doesn’t seem to mind.”

Megan Fox

Robin x Reader: The Bird Tattoo~Part Seven (Soulmate AU)

A/n: Angsty as hell, at least in the beginning, and this part is very long. I feel like I sloppily explained Mockingbird’s (your) backstory, so should I made a post that is specifically for Mockingbird’s backstory?

By the way, I absolutely love it when I get feedback from readers. I love getting messages and comments about my writing; it gives me a ton of motivation to continue. I’ll be cranking out parts, getting one out almost every day. Please let me know what you think, be it by ask or inbox!

You and the rest of the team were in the med bay, and for good reason. You were all pretty banged up, fortunately, with injuries that wouldn’t take too long too heal. The worst one being (out of all of them) a cracked rib, as far as you knew. Most of the pain came from being sore, and M’gann was mentally overwhelmed from having to use her powers constantly.

     While they were awake and scattered around your ‘bed’ and talking, you were once out cold. And you pretended to still be out, partially because you wanted to hear what they were saying and you didn’t want to face them. You noticed how unhappy they were when they got here. Otherwise you didn’t feel like moving yet.

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Gone - Part 4

Part four!! This is the final part of this story!

For @jadedhillon

Gone - Part 3


The first time Jason tries to touch your baby bump, Damian and Tim attack him. It had been innocent, just Jason reaching out to feel the baby kick, and suddenly both of your sons are flying over the back of the couch you are sitting on and hitting Jason.

“Oh my God!!” You yelp, “Dami! Timmy! Stop hitting him!” Neither of them listened, “BRUCE!!!!”

Bruce ran into the room and with a put upon sigh picked up Damian and Tim and carried them out of the room.

“Ow” Jason groaned sitting up from his position on the floor.

“Are you alright?”

“Yeah, sweetheart, I’m fine. Just a few bruises”

“Help me up and we can go to my room. You can touch my bump there, neither of the boys should jump you in there”

Jason quickly stood up and helped you stand up from the couch. Your room was on the first floor so you didn’t have to climb up the stairs.

“I can really touch you?”

You smile softly “Yes, you can” In the two weeks since Jason had arrived at the Ireland manor, everyone had moved back to Gotham. You didn’t have to hide from Jason anymore so there was no reason for you to be outside of the country. You also had barely let Jason touch you. At first it was because you didn’t entirely believe in his story about the Joker, not until he showed you the feed from his helmet. And then it was because you were punishing him for not just telling you what was going on. But you had missed your Jason, you still loved him, and you knew that he still loved you.

Jason gently nudged you backwards until you hit the bed, then he helped you get up onto it. He arranged you so you were laying on your back in the middle of the bed.

His hands hovered on the hem of your t-shirt, he looked up at you with big desperate grey eyes, “Can I …”

You pull up your shirt and tug your yoga pants down slightly, exposing your stomach in its entirety. Jason’s fingers trembled as he brushed them gently along your stomach. You were lucky, there weren’t very many stretchmarks on you and your skin was silky soft. Jay sobbed when you took one of his hands and pressed it flat to your stomach. After a moment the baby kicked, right where Jason’s had was.

“The baby just kicked me!” he gasped, his eyes wide with delight.

“Yeah babe, they did”

Jason leaned down and pressed a kiss just below your belly button, nuzzling closer when the baby began to nudge him again. Suddenly Jason looked at you with tear filled eyes, “I’m so sorry I haven’t been there for you” he sobbed “I missed so much, I missed you so much”

“Come up here, baby”

Jason crawled up the bed and tucked himself tightly to your back. You pulled your body pillow close to support your stomach and reached behind you for Jason’s hand. You laced your fingers with his and laid your hands over your stomach.

You could feel Jason nuzzling the back of your neck and then suddenly sit up. “Baby, I gotta tell you something” he pulls you up into a sitting position.

“What is it?”

“You need to stand up first”

You heaved yourself onto your feet. Jason dropped down onto one knee, and hesitantly reached into his pocket, pulling out a small black box. You gasp your eyes widening, one hand raising up to cover your mouth. “Jay it that …”

“Just, give me a minute” He takes a deep breath. “I know that I’m a major fuck up, that I can never seem to do anything right when it comes to you. But I love you with everything I have. I love you with all my soul, and I already love our child even though they aren’t even here yet. Y/N Y/L/N will you do me the honor of marrying me?”

You gasp, “Yes, oh my God, yes Jason!”

With a delighted laugh he slides the ring onto your finger and wraps you in a tight hug. You laugh when he spins you around, he is still strong enough to lift you even with your added weight. Suddenly you feel a warm, wet sensation in your pants.

“Jason …”

“What is it, baby?” Jason set you down still grinning. His grin immediately dropped when he saw your concerned face.

“My water just broke” you whisper

“What? Speak up, I can’t hear you”

“My water just broke, Jay. The baby is coming”

Immediately Jason panics. He gently helps you sit in a chair and runs out of the room, shouting for the rest of the family. Damian is the first one to come back into the room, “Ummi, where is your bag?”

“In the closet” You gasp as you feel your first contraction. It isn’t the worst pain you have ever felt, not yet, but you can tell that, eventually, when they come closer together it is going to feel like hell.

Damian pulls the blanket and sheet back, laying out a waterproof cover into the bed. He then laid down another sheet and several towels. You were giving birth at the manor, Bruce had the most advanced medical technology down in the cave, and Alfred was technically a doctor. Soon everyone was gathered in the room, Alfred wheeling an IV pole in, and Dick bringing in a heart monitoring system for you and the baby. As soon as Jason was back into the room he immediately rushed over to kneel in front of you, and smooth your hair off of your face.

“How are you doing, love?” he whispered

You chuckle, “as well as I can be right now.”

“Todd, help Ummi onto the bed, she needs to get into her gown. Everyone but Todd, turn around”

Jason helps you strip down and get into a nightgown. As soon as you put your hands onto the bed you feel another contraction flow through you.

“Your contractions are 7 minutes apart, Ms. Y/N. That is a little close, I would like to see how dilated you are”

You nod quietly and finish getting onto the bed. Alfred is quick at checking you dilation, “You are 5 almost 6 centimeters dilated. You only need to be at 10 centimeters before you start to push”

You nod quietly and try to relax into the sheets. Jason climbs up onto the bed with you, letting you squeeze his hand whenever you have a contraction. Damian and Tim sit on the edge of the bed, Tim squeezing your hand gently and Damian brushing your hair out of your face.

“I need to move, I need to kneel” You whimper after about an hour and a half.

Jason helps you into a kneeling position, crouching in front of you, allowing you to support yourself onto his shoulder. Alfred checks you dilation again, “9 centimeters, Ms. Y/N. Just a little while longer and you can push”

You rest your hands on the bed so you are on your hands and knees and gently rock yourself back and forth. Dick puts your hair up in a bun for you, and Bruce goes to get you some ice to chew on.

“I need to push” you gasp after about 20 minutes.

Alfred quickly puts on a fresh set of gloves and checks you one last time. “You are fully dilated, please push on your next contraction”

You raise yourself up and grab onto Jason’s shoulders, spreading your knees a little bit wider. At your next contraction you start to push, you lets out a sob and bear down as hard as you can. You keep pushing until the contraction fades and even then you give gently little pushes, ready to meet your child. You had decided to keep the gender a surprise and you were anxious to find out.

You had been pushing for half an hour when Alfred spoke up, “The baby is beginning to crown, if you reach down now you will be able to feel the head”

You do as Afred suggests, releasing one of Jason’s shoulders and reaching down to feel your baby, you let out a choked sob when your fingers come onto contact with hair.

“You are doing so good, love, so good. I’m so proud of you” Jason whispered, kissing your forehead.

At the next contraction you push even harder, crying out when the baby’s head it free from your body.

“Don’t push, Y/N, Alfred had to get the fluid out of the baby’s lungs” Bruce said, handing Alfred another towel

You not quietly, trembling as you resist the urge to push. Once the baby’s lungs were clear, you were given permission to push again. The baby’s shoulders were quick to deliver and once the shoulders were clear, you quickly reached down to catch the baby and the rest of it slid out.

“Alright, Ms. Y/N, swing your leg up and roll onto your back, you have to deliver the placenta”

You obey quickly, Jason helping to keep you balanced when you refused to let go of the baby. Once you were on your back Alfred handed Jason a towel to wipe off the blood. You quickly glance at the baby and gasp when you see that your baby is a little girl.

“Jason” you whisper frantically, “We have a daughter, Jay we have a little girl! Boys you have a little sister”

Damian and Tim both shout with joy, clamoring closer to try and get a peek at their new little sister.

You glance and Bruce and Alfred, “B, you’re a grandpa, and Alfred … you’re a great-grandpa”

Tears filled Alfred’s eyes and he quickly cleared his throat, finishing getting all of the soiled linens off of the bed, “I appreciate you including me, Ms. Y/N but you do not have to…”

This time it was Jason who spoke up “Don’t even start that Alfie, you have been a grandfather to all of us, my little girl deserves to have you as a great-grandfather as well”

Alfred and Bruce smiled, “I do believe that the baby needs a bath, and you, Y/N need a shower as well. Alfred and Damian will give the baby a bath, Tim and I will help with the cleaning, and Jason, you help get your fiancé clean … oh and think of a name for the little princess too!”

You look at Jason, “Do you have any ideas for names?”

“Umm, Megan? No, never mind, lemme think”

“How about Harper? After Roy, I mean he is your best friend … we are going to have to tell Roy and Kori about the baby!”

“Yes we will. I love the name Harper, I think we will make Roy cry by naming out baby girl after him.”

“I would kinda look forward to seeing the bastard cry” Jason chuckled, “So her first name is Harper, what should her middle name be?”

“You pick this time, I picked her first name”

“I have always liked the name Jacqueline. Harper Jaqueline Todd, or maybe Jaqueline Harper Todd. I think I like the second one better.”

“Me too. We can call her Jackie for short”

“I love it. And I love you” Jason leaned down and kissed you gently

You kissed him back, “I’m all clean, now we need to get out so I can get back to our baby, and so we can tell everyone her name”

Once you and Jason finished drying off you walked back out into the bedroom. Damian was holding his little sister, cooing at her in Arabian. You scoop the baby up and nuzzle her cheek, “I’m going to breastfeed her, I don’t want her to be hungry”

Everyone gathered into the room as you settled at the head of the bed, Jackie latched on easily, and quickly began to feed. You were one of the lucky women whose baby latched easily, and whose milk had come in early.

“What is the little ones name?” Dick asked.

“Jacqueline Harper Todd, Jackie for short.”

Tim grinned, “I love it!! Roy is going to flip when he realizes that you named your first child after him!”

You glance over at Jason, who climbed into the bed beside you. You looked up at your new fiancé, and then down at your new baby. You were surrounded by the people you loved and who loved you in return. You couldn’t think of a better way to bring a child into the world, so loved and so full of potential. Everyone who mattered was here. Everyone who was gone had come back, everyone had come home.


I wrote the birth scene as well as I could. I have never had a baby, but I have witnessed several being born!

So this ends the Gone series. If anyone has any ideas for another series I can write please message me! I need some ideas!

Gone - Roy


Kissed by the Baddest Bidder Jp
悪い男の恋愛事情 (Sub) Story

Eisuke: You need absolute rest. Think only about me. Surrender your feeling only to me. There is no other treatment.
Soryu: If you leave it alone it may get worse. Come to me as soon as you can.
Baba: Your ailment is “love” and it requires a daily visit so come see me everyday, ok?
Ota: From my observations, the main symptoms is cheekiness. So listen to you master properly!
Mamo: Continuous treatment. Listen to the instruction of you attending physician kid. Just come see me everyday.
Luke: It requires closer examination.Let me examine every part of your body.

Yuan Fen - Anthony Ramos x Reader

Originally posted by papersquared

Anthony Ramos x Reader

Prompt: Sister’s Pickle

A/N: First uploaded one-shot. Coffee shop AU mixed in with Amelie and Anthony Ramos. I don’t know how this happened.

Yuan Fen (缘分)
(n.) a relationship by fate or destiny; the binding force between two people

“Stop staring. It’s rude,” your co-worker, Megan, stated. You sent her a confused look, as if you didn’t know-even though you knew exactly-what she was talking about. She simply rolled her eyes, as if you took her for a fool. She nodded towards the curly-haired, freckled-faced boy sitting that at the table closest to the window, reading a red book. You’d really only been working at the coffee shop for two days, but each day, you saw him order his coffee and then sit by the window, reading the same book over and over again. Although he was a stranger to you, most of the people that worked at the cafe seemed to know exactly who he was.

    “Maybe I wouldn’t stare if you told me more about him,” you retorted. You’d never really asked Megan to tell you about him. You just didn’t want to make it seem as if you actually cared about a complete stranger. It would be especially bad if this particular stranger wasn’t even available in the first place. You’d be completely humiliated before you had even lived a week in New York City. But of course Megan wasn’t a complete idiot. She caught onto what you were trying to do and decided to just go along with it.

    “His name’s Anthony,” She began her sentence as she started to prepare a coffee order. “Always comes in here at nine o’clock, asking for black coffee with a little bit of creamer. On normal days, he’ll grab his coffee and sit by the window over there, reading that red book. At this point, everyone in the cafe has accepted that it’s his booth. On busy days, he’ll ask for two coffees, no cream or sugar. Sometimes, he’ll come in here all happy, dancing around and singing some songs. Half the time it has something to do with a guy named Philip being a poet, the other, it’s about some guy named John being really loud. Usually he’ll stay an hour or two, refusing to leave until he’s read the book cover-to-cover. If I did that, I’d go insane. Guess he’s comforted by it, though.”

    It wasn’t enough. You wanted more. You needed more. You wanted to know every little detail about this boy. You wanted to know why he read the same book over and over again, every single day. You wanted to know what exactly was in the book that made it so intriguing. You wanted to know why he sang songs about men named Philip and John. You wanted to know what happened on the days that he asked for two coffees without cream and sugar. You wanted to know why he chose that booth specifically, when there much much nicer booths with much nicer lighting for reading. You wanted to learn every little detail about this boy. Every question possible started floating through your mind, and somehow, you seemed to forget the simplest one: what the hell was his last name?

    “You know, you could talk to him,” Megan stated, as if it weren’t obvious enough. “It’s pretty obvious you think he’s cute. Everyone does.”

    You raised your eyebrows, fear suddenly striking you. In your mind, Megan was much prettier than you. If she thought he was cute, wouldn’t that mean that she would try to do something? It wasn’t like Megan was the shy and quiet type. The day that you came to the cafe, she greeted you with, “Hey, I’m Megan. I’ll work the counter so you can kind of see how it goes and get used to it. You can pick the music though. Just no hard rock. Your shift’s are really early in the morning, if you haven’t noticed.”

    You asked her, “If you think he’s cute, why don’t you go after him?”

    “Honey, I’m gay.” She laughed, as if that question had an obvious answer. “Come on. Go talk to him. He’s cute, you’re cute. You guys would be cute.”

    “I don’t know anything about him.”

    “You know everything I just told you about him. That’s more than most people know when they ask each other out on dates,” she pointed out. And it wasn’t like it was true. You just weren’t used to asking out complete strangers. Hell, you weren’t even in the business of speaking to them. Half of the time, you were introduced by a mutual friend. “Look, he’s been here for thirty minutes. He’ll probably be here for thirty more minutes, or if you’re lucky, an hour and thirty minutes. That’s enough time for you to go talk to him and see if you want to exchange numbers. He’s a really nice guy, Y/N. Talk to him.”

    And with that, Megan left you alone. You were left to debate whether you were going to walk towards him and speak to him. But there were millions of situations running through your brain. Despite Megan assuring you that he was friendly, you didn’t want to interrupt his reading. You figured it would be rude to interrupt someone so early in the morning, especially if they were reading. Despite the fact that apparently, they read the book over and over again. But Megan did mention that he had busy days sometimes. What if this was the one time in the day that he really got to relax? Any sane person wouldn’t want to be bothered, if that were the case.

    You continued your day. You continued to fill the coffee cups that Megan handed to you. You continued to hum along to the retro music that Megan let you play. Still, you couldn’t take your eyes off him. The situations were still running through your mind. Eventually, you decided that you weren’t going to go up to him.

    But the big ‘what if’ formed in your brain. Because what if he was single? What if he was looking for someone to be with? What if he’s the nicest person in the world? What if he tells you what’s in the book? What if you two become fast friends because you have a lot in common? What if he ends up being the closest friend you have? What if he becomes more than a friend? And what if he walks out of that door and he never comes to the cafe again? What then?

    Because if he walks out of that door and never comes back, you’ll have missed out. You’ll have hesitated. You’ll have been to cautious. Perhaps, maybe, it was time you stopped doing that.

    But by the time you decided that you were going to go up to him, offering a free croissant, he had grabbed his bag and ran out the door. The disappointment sank in as you walked over to the booth and set the croissant down on the table. You glanced over as you realized he had forgotten his book. The book was slammed shut, with no sign of a title carved onto the front. You reached over to grab the fake leather. Quickly, you picked it up and stood up, looking out of the window.

    He hadn’t gotten that far. He wasn’t running. He was just walking really fast, clearly on the phone with someone. You glanced at the book, suddenly wondering what you should do with it. Because you could run out there and give the boy his book back. But you did that, you’d be interrupting him while he was on the phone. It was already clear that he was stressed out, did you really want to add to that? You didn’t care what Megan said. No one was friendly when they were stressed. You could wait until everything was okay. Then you could go up to him and say, “Hey, my name’s Y/N. I work at the cafe that you go to all of the time, but I’m really new so you probably don’t even recognize me. Anyway, here’s your book. I figured that you’d like it better if I gave it back to you. I was thinking that maybe we could exchange numbers?”

    But if you said all of that, you’d have said too much. But still, you try to walk forward. You tried to take a step, but somehow, you forget how. And once you manage to take those steps, it’s just you and the glass door. You knew that this wasn’t at all what you wanted-not in this lifetime-, but you figured that you wanted more.

    Your train of thought was cut off when you heard Megan yell, “Y/N! YOU’RE NOT TRYING TO LEAVE EARLY, ARE YOU?”

    “Sorry! I’m coming!” You quickly ran behind the counter, hiding the book in a shelf under the counter. Quickly, you began preparing all of the orders that slipped your mind as soon as you picked up the book. Despite the fact that you were trying to focus on the orders that Megan was throwing at you, there was still a little piece of your mind that was somewhere else.

    ‘I’m not finished with the boy–the book. I’m not finished with the book,’ you thought to yourself. ‘I’ll hold him-it. I’ll hold it until tomorrow.’


The next day, Anthony came rushing in five minutes before nine o’clock. The cafe hadn’t even opened yet, so it was particularly quiet. Megan went to the back to retrieve whipped cream and milk, leaving you to clean up the counter a little bit. The curly-haired boy looked at you, a knowing look on his face. He asked, “Do you have it?”

    You reached under the counter and grabbed the red book from the shelf. You took it home with you, just to make sure that no one else would try to take it or damage it. But it wasn’t as if the book wasn’t already damaged. It was clear that it had been worn down quite a bit. But who’s to say that was a surprise? Megan did say that he read it every single day. Quietly, you asked him, “Is that what you’re looking for?”

    “Yeah. Thank you so much.” He nodded, a smile on his face. He took the book from you, smiling down on it. He glanced up at you. “My name’s Anthony.”

    “Y/N,” You greeted. You were hesitant, as per usual, but then you decided to ask. “What’s it called? The book, I mean.”

     He hesitated, looking up at you surprised. As if he wasn’t used to people actually asking him about the book. You were surprised that he wasn’t used to it, considering he read that book everyday. You’d think that at least one person got curious as to what the title was. “Yuan Fen.”