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fmk Debby, Nina D, Megan

Fuck: Nina D. She’s hot.

Marry: Debby. She’s got it all. Looks, charm, personality. Don’t think she’d put up with my bullshit, either.

Kiss: Megan. She seems too cutesie pie and innocent for my liking.

meganme-crazy replied to your post “i mean… I hate it when people blame teachers but who else am I…”

Honestly pull this teacher aside either by yourself or with a parent and try to explain this to them. Maybe they don’t realize they’re doing it. And also go to your counselor about this - teachers like this need to be stopped tbh

Thanks for the advice!! Okay..

(She does know she’s doing it but she gets good results because we’re all so scared of her… she spent the first three weeks of the year telling us that we were the dumbest year 11 class she’s taught and we were so behind and so rude and she literally spent every lesson yelling at us and people are so scared of getting questions wrong or asking ‘stupid’ questions and getting laughed at)

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RIGHT I'm so impressed that you dance other styles too I'm pretty sure irish dancing ruined me for all other forms of dancing (esp the kinds that involve arms I'm like what do I do with these things????)

ahahahahahaha irish is so easy with arms its like, either straight down your side or above your head, their is no in between ahah well I started with jazz, tap and ballet when I was 5 and didn’t start irish until I was about 8 I think so idk I just love performing in general, don’t really care what I’m doing I just love being on stage! Plus I went to a studio where we just had so much fun in every class I wanted to take as many as I could!