Real talk, Bulbasaur would be the best pet ever if it was real, let me list you some reasons of why:

  • Sleep Powder when you can’t sleep
  • Sweet Scent when you are tired or anxious
  • Vines to reach far things or lift stuff or swing like Spiderman
  • Razor Leaf to cut things or gardening
  • Solar Beam would be like a WMD threat to your enemies
  • Bulbasaur can take care of other animals
  • Doesn’t need food as long there’s sun, so you don’t worry about him.
  • Nature control
  • Rules over other creatures like a real dinosaur
  • It never dies of hunger and its speed doubles under the sun, so you got a scary plant dinosaur in day time
  • Won’t flood your home and mess stuff or burn it down, it’s calm and smart.
  • evolves to a badass beast
  • He’s too freaking strong
  • up for hugs
  • He’s one of most loyal Pokemon ever
  • He can dance

Huh? Your Chikorita is evolving! Straight up to a Meganium!??

Hey guys! Apologies for the recent inactivity, I’ve been working hard on getting my pokemon crossbreed zine ready for this year AX. It will include these, my chikorita and riolu crossbreeds and 7 more pokemon! It’s almost done and I will post more about it soon, so stay tuned!

Also last but not least: