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Hey, for you underhigh au, you know how in Japan they have the cultural festival and often in anime the kids will run a cafe??? What if they ran a cafe with frisk in a maid-dress and Asriel in a butler outfit like all the animes do??? How would Asriel react to frisk in that attire???

i imagine them to stare at each other for like idk 5 seconds or smth then they walk away, and contemplate about how cute the other person looked (y) 
(i was gonna draw that part but its 1am and im tired)

It’s Ruby! In her manga design anyway. Like seriously tho, Shirow Miwa’s redesign for her and Weiss are so amazing! I love his character designs to death//specifically because he’s the character designer for 7th Dragon (which is my all time fav game series go check it out)// I’ll probably draw Weiss tomorrow. Ahh I’m not sure if I got the design 100% correct tho, this is just what I think it looks like.