megane life

After he broke my heart, I began writing about him. I wrote and I wrote and I’ve described him as a hurricane, a drug, my universe. Now that I’ve moved on, I don’t see him in that way anymore. He wasn’t anything above ordinary, he was just a boy. A boy who didn’t want to be with me and that’s that.
—  Megan Lawrence

Tom is your Tom problem.


So I realized that I forgot to put the AO3 link for These Aching Bones. <— I have just remedied that. (I also had to change the rating explicit)

There will be a multi-chapter prequel to accompany it. It will answer a lot of questions and shed a bit more light on the ‘whys’ of Gabriel and Jack’s relationship. (because @infinite-atmosphere and @reapers-carino are both extremely convincing motivators.)

The first chapter of the Mchanzo companion fic to In the language of flowers will be posted tonight. (Should my son not wake up running a fever)

I am still working on prompts. Worry not, they will be up soon. I like to give people the best content I can when I write a prompt. 

You guys are AWESOME. 

Stay thirsty.