megane life

After he broke my heart, I began writing about him. I wrote and I wrote and I’ve described him as a hurricane, a drug, my universe. Now that I’ve moved on, I don’t see him in that way anymore. He wasn’t anything above ordinary, he was just a boy. A boy who didn’t want to be with me and that’s that.
—  Megan Lawrence

for the first time hoco was actually SUPER FUN!!! these four kids FINALLY danced in the giant circle of sweat and terror but it was fr the best thing ever and by far the best dance i’ve been to! like we went in at 8:30 and got out at 11 and it felt like no time has passed at all ??? it was liiit 🤙

(plus we got ihop after that was a fun time)

(also for homecoming antics maybe add me on snapchat ? @ jilleebillee33 !!)


Tom is your Tom problem.