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Supercorp + Stargazing

  • lena catches kara out on her balcony the second night she sleeps over. she wakes to an empty bed, the hint of a chill, and she can just barely make out kara’s silhouette against the glow of the moon. so she grabs a sweatshirt from the pile on her dresser, pads outside
  • kara looks down when lena gets outside, but she doesn’t look at her. instead, she stares at her hands, gripping the metal of the railing. lena does not speak, just stands close enough to barely brush against kara’s side
  • i can see it, kara says finally. she does not have to explain any further; lena knows she speaks of krypton. where? lena says, and it takes a moment, but kara uncurls her fingers, raises her arm to point to the sky
  • there. right there. the faint one
  • they don’t talk about it the next day, or any day after that, but it becomes a ritual: when the weight of the world becomes too much, when she cannot sleep, kara will make her way out to the balcony. and every time, lena will soon follow
  • most of the time, kara talks, tells lena bits and pieces about krypton, as much as she is willing to, which is most often almost nothing at all. sometimes, lena speaks, draws out shape in the air: here is andromeda, and there’s perseus—— 
  • it is interesting how similar some of the stories are, how universal these truths seem to be. or maybe it isn’t interesting at all, for when lena looks over to see kara, wide-eyed, staring up at the sky, she understands why every planet, every civilization, feels the need to immortalize this feeling in the stars
  • kara has a bad week, saving the city from one attack after another, and she spends most nights at the deo, being patched up, laying under the light of an artificial sun
  • she shows up at lena’s apartment as soon as she is released, barely making it through the door before slumping into lena’s waiting embrace. before you pass out, lena laughs, i have something to show you
  • on her balcony is a telescope, pointed in a direction kara knows all too well. she stops short, looks at lena
  • i have it on good authority that the zoom is even better than supervision, lena says; kara hears i love you
  • kara stumbles through words, a blur of you didn’t have to, oh, lena, i don’t know what to say, i— before lena cuts her off with a finger on her lips. i wanted to. i want you to tell me everything. i want to help you keep krypton alive
  • the past week, the hours floating by with that ever-present fear (what if this is it, what if this is the one time kara gets hurt for real, for good) have weighed heavily on lena. this–this action, this gesture, this truth–is the only way she knows how to admit to it, admit how much she fears losing kara, how much she fears keeping her
  • again, all kara can hear is i love you, i love you. so, she says it, reverently, quietly–like all the times she has spoken so fondly about the stars above, she says i love you, and this time she looks only at lena
  • (the response: i love you too, kara zor-el)
  • and though both are heavy with exhaustion, they do not sleep that night. instead, kara tells lena all of it, tells her about her past, her home. how sometimes she misses it so much that she does not know how to do anything but scream, squeeze her eyes shut and block out the reality of gone, gone, krypton is gone. 
  • krypton will always be home, she says. but– i have a new home too. it’s right here

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Hiya! I don't wanna bother you but I just wanted some tips about the flug mask. Like, how did you go about getting the paper look? Because it looks?? So good??

Hello! Don’t worry, you’re not bothering me at all! Here’s a little step-by-step of how I made the mask^^

Okay, so the ‘bag’ is actually a cardboard box. This way the mask is stronger and won’t break as easily. The box was a little too big so I cut it down, hence the tape xD

Also! If you’re gonna use a cardboard box, I recommend making a head-rest inside. The box won’t move when you move your head, and it’ll move around a lot when you don’t want it to D: I used a strip of cardboard, fitted it round the top of my head, then stuck it down with masking tape!

Then we covered it with brown package paper and folded it at the edges, kinda like origami, to give it that paper bag look - this part was done by @omnomnomducks, but I think if you Google ‘paper bag folding’ or something you should find how to do it :> You could cut out a sheet of paper for each side, but…meh, I think this way looks better and more bag-like.

then we cut some triangles out the bottom of the bag, and stuck the paper down using double sided tape.

then the goggles! I cut out some holes in the mask with scissors (cause, y’know, gotta see out of it somehow xD) The grey part is made of card, and the black part is made from an old pair of tights/pantyhose/whatever you wanna call them - they’re see-through, but no one can see into them :D There’s tons of materials you could use instead if you prefer, like chiffon or mesh fabric…

(I actually made the holes a little bigger later on - as long as the holes are under the ‘goggles’, no one will see them!)

Then the goggles were stuck down using PVA glue, and I went round the goggles and added eyebrows with a Sharpie for a more cartoony look :D The white dots were done using fabric paint. Also on the sides and back of the mask, I used long strips of grey card on each side so it looks like goggles go all the way around my head^^


I hope this helps! ~


since people are still caught up in the josh and megan drama from week one, this is what megan has said about the whole thing. she has forgiven him and is supporting him so idk why y’all are still using that as an excuse to demonize him? we didn’t even get to see the livefeeds during all of that so you guys don’t even know what actually went down.

You know how sometimes we make meme and social media references in real life?

The aliens certainly didn’t.

The captain had no idea what to expect from his decision to bring a second human aboard the ship. His only guidance in the matter had been the rather unhelpful suggestion to acquire one already pack-bonded with Human-Megan. Unfortunately, given human nature, this could apply to any number of humans, and attempting to ask Human-Megan herself for an organized list of them all proved useless. (He had been immediately accused of being a “stalker”.)

However, he did eventually become aware of a certain human who had been a “sister from another mister” for most of Human-Megan’s life. Upon inquiring about this new human, he was met with enthusiastic approval, mostly in the form of the repeated, painfully high-pitched word “yes”.

And so Human-Lynn was brought aboard.

At first, the crew were presented with nothing they were unfamiliar with. There had been a temporary scare upon first viewing Human-Lynn, due to the vibrant and multicolored crop of hair she bore. However, Human-Lynn had quickly ended their confusion by explaining the concept of hair dye, which, although it had left a few crewmembers nauseous, was understandable for human standards.

In addition, Human-Lynn was considerably less emotional, or so it seemed. Upon encountering disagreements with the crew, she would begin laying down insults in an almost offhand manner, and nothing seemed to cause her to be visibly furious. However, Human-Megan had assured them that she was simply “sassy” and “sarcastic” in nature, and that when she began to insult them in such a calm manner, she was indeed furious (although it was difficult to imagine that a being could be simultaneously calm and furious).

But then came the strange, and often illogical, conversations that often ensued between Human-Lynn and Human-Megan.

For instance, there was their first passage through a nebula since Human-Lynn’s arrival. Human-Megan, although she had borne witness to nebulae before, looked on in wonder almost identical to Human-Lynn’s. Both were seemingly rendered immobile, mouths slightly agape.


“Yeah,” Human-Megan affirmed.

“What’s the…how does this even…” After a moment of failed articulation, Human-Lynn let out a deep sigh. “Science side of Tumblr?”

“Space dust do the glow-glow,” Human-Megan responded almost seamlessly.

“Thank you, science side of Tumblr.”

Several more occurrences of seemingly cryptic conversations where yet to come. Occasionally, the two would make eye contact and mutter “same” for seemingly no reason at all, and once during the first meal rotation Human-Lynn had stood and bellowed, “AND HIS NAME IS JOHN CENA!” much to the surprise and momentary panic of her fellow crewmembers.

At last, a member of the cultural research department approached the two during their third meal rotation and inquired about the nature of their seemingly meaningless conversations. It was his duty, after all, to collect data regarding new species, especially in regards to behavior.

He was met with general laughter, a sound still rather jarring to hear without appropriate warning.

“Holy…crap,” Human-Lynn breathed, wiping a tear from her eye as she shook with laughter. “An alien…wants to know…about memes. I never thought I’d see the day.”


“Yeah,” Human-Megan affirmed. “They’re like…I don’t know…references to popular culture on Earth? They’re usually pretty stupid, and either considered hilarious or grounds to murder someone because they’re that stupid.”

“Grounds to…murder someone?!”

“Not literally, dude. We’ve discussed this. Not literally.”

“There’s a lot of memes,” Human-Lynn continued in her friend’s place. “Spongebob is a few…oh, there’s the dog in the burning house. You know, the ‘this is fine’ meme?”

“Yeah, and Moon-Moon, and 'you shall not pass’–”

“John Cena–”

“Screw you, I hate John Cena–”

“These are not the droids you’re looking for, that one’s a classic–”

“And then there’s some that aren’t really memes, they’re more like Tumblr legends. Like the science side of Tumblr, and John Green, and Superwholock. But Lynn and I like to use those in real life because we’re weird.”

The researcher nodded, a gesture he had it adopted from the humans he studied, although the concepts they were referring to were far beyond his understanding. Perhaps this was one of those cases where you had to simply let humans be humans, regardless of how strange it was.

“I believe I have heard of these…memes,” he mused after a moment. “So…what is Rickrolling?”

Immediately the grins dropped from the humans’ faces.

“We don’t talk about Rickrolling,” hissed Human-Megan. “We never–EVER–discuss–Rickrolling.”



Fan-Fusion between Lapis and my gemsona Scoria, together they’d make Moonstone! All of her eyes are on that one side of her face, despite the odd placement she’s actually very stable.

She doesn’t really have a “different” weapon, but her water wings resemble butterfly wings and she turns water to ice at a very quick rate. 

Please don’t repost my art or use my design. 

She’s Just Not That Into You » Part VI (A Harry Styles Miniseries)

Miss the previous parts? Part One » Part Two » Part Three » Part Four » Part Five

Check out the inspiration behind Harry’s home here! The amazing @graceak​ made a phenomenal playlist to go along with Harry’s story, and I could not recommend it more. You can find that here!

As always, this miniseries is dedicated to @stylesunchained​. I hope Part VI mends everything Part V managed to break, my love! And, once again, thank you all for your continued support. I am over the moon about the response this story has gotten, as I’m unworthy of all of your love. (That doesn’t mean I won’t take it, though!)

Let me know what you think! Happy reading.

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“But it’s like…” Harry stops and starts again. “I met with Carly, her replacement, and she’s nice enough. So nice. Lovely girl, really. But every time I talk with her about the plans, I jus…I can’t smile. I can’t get excited about it. ‘m not supposed t’ be talkin’ with Carly about them. She’s not the one who made ‘em. She’s not the one who…well, y’know.”

“If I’m being honest,” Gemma sighs on the other end of the phone, “I would’ve done the same thing, had I been put in that situation.”

“I know,” he mumbles. “I would’ve, too. And I wouldn’t’ve been as nice.”

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but all i can think about now is going out and about with sam and him pulling you along behind him as he finds a piano and motioning for you to hang on for a second before sitting down on the bench and beginning to play, which totally throws you off guard because you’ve never heard him play, but him being a little shaky because he was so nervous to play in front of you but all you can do is admire how talented he is and constantly praise him for days to come about his talent