good taz thought: on the tenth or eleventh plane the ipre squad visits, cameras have already been invented, and they manage to take a couple polaroid cameras with them when they yeet outta there at the end of their year. after that, they make a point of taking pictures of every world they go to — for documentation purposes as much as for fun — but they also end up with a lot of silly candids of each other, and the pictures get taped up all over the walls of the starblaster, and its real good + happy

The San Bernardino County Sun, California, July 27, 1929

Ode To A Typewriter

Why do we press the keys we want
And never hit the keys we press?
Why is it that we fight far more 
And always end the fight with less?

Why do we aim for “P’s” and “Q’s”
And counter only “A’s” and “B’s”?
Why must we walk along the road
When we would wander where we please?

Why can’t we type a word like this
Without a hundred fool mistakes?
Why does an hour never pass
Without its share of rotten breaks?

Why is it that this life is just
A futile quest for happiness?
Why do we press the keys we want
And never hit the keys we press?

318-BASKUALO [Basking-Squalidae]
-The Basking Pokemon
-Ability: Gluttony/Filter - Devourer(HA)*
-Dex: “This gentle pokemon usually floats adrift with its mouth always open to filter its microscopic food. They let themselves being draft by the current, using its tail and fins only to steer, so they can use more energy in dygesting all the food they eat daily.”

–>Evolves after learning Crunch<–

319-GLOTONINA [Gluttony-Tonina]
-The Ravenous Pokemon
-Ability: Gluttony/Filter-Devourer(HA)
-Dex: “This Pokemon roams the sea moved by its own hunger, always searching for enough food to satisfy its appetite. In its never-ending quest for food, this gigantic pokemon is said to attack fishing boats and low-flying hydroplanes, or even pokemon as big as BLANKRAKEN .”
    -Dragon Rush
    -Ice Fang

*All biting moves become super-effective regardless of type

The Types Reacting to a Friend's New Relationship

Gets super excited and can’t wait to meet the person: ENFP, ESFJ, ESFP, ISFJ

Wonders when they’ll be in a relationship: INFP, ISFP

Realizes the new S.O. is a terrible match and waits for the inevitable break up: INFJ, ENFJ, ENTP, ENTJ

Tries their hardest not to vomit at all the gross romance crap: INTP, INTJ, ISTP, ISTJ, ESTJ, ESTP

types as university majors

istj: engineering
isfj: sociology
estj: business
esfj: linguistics
istp: computer studies
isfp: liberal arts
estp: game development
esfp: theatre studies
intj: analytical chemistry
infj: english literature
entj: public service
enfj: midwifery and neonatal medicine
intp: astrophysics or biomedical science
infp: creative writing and journalism
entp: architecture/maths
enfp: history or music tech

Types of Cosmic Witches ✨
  • Cosmic - works with the energy of the cosmos and all celestial bodies within; can include planets, stars, and other deep space objects
  • Celestial - interchangeable with cosmic
  • Stellar - primarily works with stars and constellations
  • Astrology - primarily works with astrological phenomena
  • Solar - primarily works with the Sun
    • spells may include those having to do with self-confidence, leadership, success, and ambition 
  • Lunar - primarily works with the Earth’s Moon
    • spells may include those having to do with emotions, moods, divination, dreams, and protection
  • Planetary - works with one or more planets or minor planets
    • Mercurian - primarily works with Mercury
      • spells may include those having to do with communication, intellect, intelligence, learning, safe travel, and business matters
    • Venusian - primarily works with Venus
      • spells may include those having to do with love, romance, friendships, creativity, beauty, and fertility 
    • Martian - primarily works with Mars
      • spells may include those having to do with vitality, energy, passion, courage, and strength
    • Jovian - primarily works with Jupiter
      • spells may include those having to do with luck, good fortune, prosperity, mercy, humility, and charity 
    • Saturnian - primarily works with Saturn
      • spells may include those having to do with protection, revenge, justice, law, order, responsibility, and chaos
    • Uranian - primarily works with Uranus
      • spells may include those having to do with technology, weather, freedom, psychic abilities, higher thinking, and metaphysics 
    • Neptunian - primarily works with Neptune
      • spells may include those having to do with illusion, chaos, dreams, the sea/ocean, divination, inner vision, and self-sacrifice 
    • Plutonian - primarily works with Pluto
      • spells may include those having to do with death, the underworld, spirit work, transformation, change, and crisis