Pocosin Arts » Session 1: Meg Daniels

I’m a featured artist at Pocosin Arts located in beautiful Columbia NC. It is a four-day workshop about how to take better portraits. Details here:

Workshop Description:  Students learn basic portrait techniques applicable to in various scenarios.  Emphasis is placed on creating the visual narrative, a portrait that tells a story, through the effective use of creative lighting.

Examine the many aspects and uses of portraiture
● Discuss specific camera settings and techniques useful for shooting portraits
● Explore the nature and range of portraiture
● Critique the work of well known portrait photographers

Explore effective portraiture lighting techniques
● Study classic portrait lighting patterns
● Explore lighting tools and techniques using in-expensive household items and crafting materials
● Analyze facial structure and body type for effective lighting

Utilize posing techniques that strengthen or support the image
● Examine the placement of subjects within the photographic frame
● Apply compositional principals to the portrait including lens perspective and depth of field
● Study the impact of the environment and background on portrait composition

Students must have an understanding of how their cameras work and basic technical methods used to make a photograph.