So if you know me, you know that I have an unhealthy adoration of the Mfoxy. Currently she’s off the market because in another one of her string of brilliant life choices, she’s dating that one guy I think was on 90210 for two seasons before it got cancelled because even the stupid people couldn’t handle it.

Anyway, she thinks that because she’s a step-mom to Brian’s son, she can clearly handle pooping one of these baby things out herself and taking care of it. Nevemind the fact that she has the common sense of a toaster and her idea of “taking care” of Brian’s child is going for a 4 minute photo op walk and then handing him over to Maria so she can look at old posters of Transformers and delude herself into thinking she made the right choice and that it was time for her to “spread her wings” and “explore her depth” as an actress.

Sshhh. No one tell her that babies aren’t like tamagotchies that you can turn on and off when you’re bored of it. She’ll figure that one out on her own and when TMZ posts shit all over the internet about M.Fox’s psychotic breakdown when she realizes she can’t be a size negative 0 and have a baby, you can bet you'l find video and photo footage of that shit on my site. wooooooot woooot. yeah boi!

xx lauren