mars in the houses and their vibes

this is observations of mars in the houses and the vibes they can give off in relation to their appeal

mars in 1st: tender/seductive vibe (the ultimate example(s): brad pitt, johnny depp, megan fox, lucy lawless, vanessa hudgens)

mars in 2nd: sly/cunning vibe (the ultimate example(s): scarlett johansson, winona ryder, will smith, robert downey jr, leonardo dicaprio)

mars in 3rd: youthful, playful vibe (the ultimate example(s): miley cyrus, cameron diaz, justin bieber,  katy perry, lana del rey, harry styles) 

mars in 4th: aloof vibe (the ultimate example(s): jason bateman, amy winehouse, lady gaga, lenny kravitz, michelle williams)

mars in 5th: mischievous vibe (the ultimate example(s): george clooney, emma watson, pamela anderson, james dean, zayn malik)

mars in 6th: down-to-earth, genuine vibe (the ultimate example(s): tom hanks, julia roberts, audrey hepburn, jake gyllenhaal)

mars in 7th: accommodating/simply charming vibe (the ultimate example(s): chris evans, natalie portman, justin timberlake, tina turner, bruno mars)

mars in 8th: mysterious/perplexing vibe (the ultimate example(s): lindsay lohan, marilyn monroe, emma stone, bruce willis, paul walker, zooey deschanel)

mars in 9th: wild child, free spirit vibe (the ultimate example(s): kate hudson, angelina jolie, rihanna, zac efron, matthew mcconaughey)

mars in 10th: authoritative/assertive vibe (the ultimate example(s): beyonce, uma thurman, ryan gosling, kanye west, kate moss, john cena) 

mars in 11th: girl/boy next door vibe (the ultimate example(s): liv tyler, nick jonas, liam payne, rachel bilson, meryl streep, meg ryan)

mars in 12th: wholesome/’innocent’ vibe (the ultimate example(s): ariana grande, heath ledger, jennifer garner, joseph gordon-levitt, hayden panettiere)


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members of the landfill

@taylorswift welcome to the @taylortrashzone!!!! julia pulled together many people who are absolute trash for you and threw them all together in one large garbage pile and now we just sit on a group chat and scream at each other all day and fight over what your top album is and make each other eat weird things.

bold = never been noticed
italic = has met taylor

  1. @kanyeinterruptedme -Tati 
  2. @thelasttime - Madie 
  3. @shesdeads - Eliot 
  4. @gothswift - Cole
  5. @tylrx - Jaidyn 
  6. @stumbleonhometomycats - Megan 
  7. @bleachela - Peyton 
  8. @blankspaces - Lucy
  9. @shakeitoff - Aditi 
  10. @tamenow - Julia
  11. @inadaydreams - Chloe 
  12. @comebackbequeer - Bailee 
  13. @teardropsonmyguitar - Amanda
  14. @speaknow - Verena
  15. @t-swift - Ofri
  16. @beaphantom - Micala
  17. @teardropsonsmyguitar - Kait
  18. @anotherdramadrama - Liz
  19. @foundherselfs - Cass
  20. @taylorkeepdancing - Aner
  21. @enchanteds - Emily
  22. @straightlinedownx - Also Emily
  23. @alltheswiftienamesaretaken  - Emma
  24. @swifting-it - Jamie
  25. @hugeselenatorswiftie - Lilly
  26. @swiftrecords - SR
  27. @sadspookyfultragic - Leah
  28. @ikywt - Mallory
  29. @swiftchill - Maya
  30. @torreymercer - Torrey
  31. @theloveofswift - Hope
  32. @youareeinhalloweentown - Shayla
  33. @villageisaglow - Sky
  34. @stillgotscars - Ebony
  35. @inastorm - Ana
  36. @inmysdreams - Gabby
  37. @lovestory - Gabbi
  38. @noitsydney -  Sydney
  39. @fifth-harmony - Janessa
  40. @colorsinautumn - Jordan
  41. @ofrunningfoxes - Danielle
  42. @knewromanticks - Katherine 
  43. @lov-eswift - Sofia
  44. @thiislove - Billy
member announcement

hi guys! thank you so so much to everyone who’s applied. it was so fun to read through everyone’s application—and it was even harder to choose because everyone’s blog is super lovely!

keep in mind that this is probably just the first batch of members added, so if you didn’t make it this time, please do keep in mind that we’ll open them in the future! 

woohoo, new members under the cut!

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why don’t you crush what’s left of my soul - 6/25

Anne & Gilbert - Anne of Green Gables

my favorite Glindas: Megan Hilty, Katie Rose Clarke, Lucy Scherer, Kristin Chenoweth

my favorite Elphabas: Alice Fearn, Mandy Gonzalez, Willemijn Verkaik (I warmed up to her a lot, esp watching her in other languages), Stephanie J Block

the one single only Fiyero I care about: Bradley Jaden