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Guys & Dolls
  • I personally think that crap games and betting in general would be way more interesting if there was dancing in the sewers.  
  • I feel like I understand craps more because of this musical, but the only thing I know is that snake eyes is bad and that 10 is good i think and that it’s very hard to play with dice without the spots on them
  • Marlon Brando, you are literally perfection
  • Getting Frank Sinatra for Nathan also made this movie
  • Honestly there should be more musicals in the world
  • Gender roles, you could write a whole essay about that
  • Mobsters are so much better when they are singing

So I was rather busy with work this week and didn’t really talk about the things I am grateful for, but I don’t have work today, so here it goes.

  • My family, my friends, my sorority sisters, my dog
  • My job, my coworkers, my pay raise, and my new knowledge about alcohol and people
  • Disneyland, my future there, and that I get to work there
  • My house, my yard, my view, my tempurpedic bed, my room, the fact that my parents let me come back
  • Books, TV shows, Movies, Youtube videos, and things I get to enjoy
  • Online/social media/phone communication because all my friends live far away
  • Blankets, lazy afternoons, sunny days, cuddles
I am honestly so upset right now

I have never seen my parents more upset over looking at the news of an election.  The world is looking to our country to make the right decision and currently we are failing them.  The global markets are down and our markets are falling as well.  In fact they have fallen more than after 9/11.

This is not good for any American or any person on the planet in our global economy.  I am seriously losing faith in the American people and this country for which despite it’s shortcomings I have always been a proud citizen of.  I just am in shock and awe that this is where we are at right now.

I am a Kappa Delta

I became a Kappa Delta today, well a pledge (actually there is a ceremony on wednesday).  That means I will become a sorority girl.  And I know most people have judgements about sororities and will be confused or whatever about my choice.  But first i would like you to remind me that this is my choice and not yours.  Anyways I have decided to list some of the reasons why I am making this choice and hopefully I will be able to explain to you and then later to my family why I’m doing this.  So if you care about this click the read more

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My favorite pen just died in the middle of my journaling.  And it’s a special Relay for Life pen that had beautiful purpley, blue ink and I really liked how it wrote and everything and then it just died and I will never be able to get this pen again and I tried looking it up online and it’s not the pen that I have so now i have to go pen shopping tomorrow. 

It’s okay cause I also have to go to the bank and buy my dad a birthday present, but like I really did love this pen and it’s been with me for 2 years now and I used it in the restaurant and on my notes in school and it was just really pretty and my black pens are just not as nice and bleed through the pages.

Okay this is really like a first world problem and I’m probably a little too attached to this pen, but it was so nice and I never really pay attention to any of my pens and see their full life cycle and this one was just nice.

Broadway and making decisions

So right now I’m trying to decide if I wanna go see a Broadway play and I’m asking my friend if she has any ideas. Cause currently I’m looking at Avenue Q (musical with puppets), Chicago (musical about female prison), Beautiful (musical about Carole King), Waitress (musical about pie) and The Lion King.
Currently I like the Lion King because it seems beautiful and my friend wouldn’t hate it, but it’s also the most expensive. However one of the other musicals is cheaper, but I’m not sure how much my friend likes musicals and would want to take 2 hours of her time to see one.
Also I’ve never seen phantom and I’m don’t really know what it’s about so it’s a possibility, but I’m not quite sure about it.
Off the table is cats and wicked because I’ve seen them before and although my friend would probably like wicked it’s also a little bit more pricy. Hamilton would be cool too, but you know it’s booked for forever so I’m gonna have to wait for it.
P.S. Let me know if you have suggestions and is the lion king worth it?
P.P.S. I now really wanna watch all the Lion King movies after looking at some videos online


So today I got my big Kaitlin.   And I love her so much, she is such a sweet and also sassy person.  I love hanging out with her and she makes me so happy all the time.  Also she has spoiled me with a bunch of gifts and things to put up on my very bare walls.  Also she gave me the best and brightest pink t-shirt.  I am so happy that I am her little and I will love her forever.

Also my g-big Hilary is lovely and so nice.  I couldn’t have joined a better family.

Things I would rather be doing than studying for government

Pretty much anything, but as of right now

  • Catching up on gossip girl and glee
  • Watching Disney Movies (The Little Mermaid, The Jungle Book, Sleeping Beauty)
  • Listening to Music
  • Be on tumblr (which i am, but whatever)
  • Eating Ice Cream
  • Taking a Shower
  • Sleeping
  • Nothing
  • Anything but studying for government

Mystery Men is on netflix instant watch.  If you have never seen this movie, then you are missing out on life.  10/10 would recommend it’s awesome.  But like actually the bowlist and the blue raja and hank azaria and ben stiller and eddie izzard and other beautiful things and i’m excited to go downstairs and watch it and for it to be amazing.

It is such an amazing movie that I actually shouted out fuck yeah into my house and my dog looked at me confusedly, but now she will be happy because she will sit on my lap and watch it with me.

Stressing for Finals

Two finals done with!  Yay, now for a nap cause I got up at 7:15am and that was not fun.  Tomorrow I have two back to back and then I am done and we are going out celebrating at an Irish pub somewhere or just having drinks cause woohoo!  Then Wednesday I’m headed to LA to pick my dad up from the airport and to have lunch with him and then dinner with him and my sister.  Then on Thursday I take the long drive back home and then I’m spending the week at home relaxing until probably a week from that Thursday when I will drive back here and stay with a friend for two days and then Uncorked is on Saturday and then council meeting on Sunday and then spring quarter starts Monday.

I can’t believe how fast everything is going and I’m not ready for my friends to graduate or to even think about anything after finals, let alone spring quarter, although I admit my schedule isn’t super difficult, but that is for a good reason.  Luckily I’m not working over break (lessons learned from winter break) and my friends will be home so I get to spend a bunch of time with them, my puppy, my tempurpedic bed and home cooked meals, oh and the fam.  I’m happy to be going home, but stressing about pretty much everything else.  Why must I have two more tests to take?  Why can’t I be done already?  Ughhh hopefully it will be Tuesday evening at like 6pm soon and I will be done and less stressed.  Just 24 more hours… ugh i think that made it worse.

Okay nap time now… too much brain function, too little sleep.