megan veil


So I found my sketchbook from the years 2012-14 (or at least this is what the cover of it says) and I got a little nostalgic. That was the time I used to draw a lot of black and white portraits which now I’ve abandoned a little. I also used to have a lot more time for drawing than I have now which makes me really sad, because not only do I have less time but also less passion. Anyways I just wanted to re-share these as a little sketchbook memory if there is such a thing.


Possessed? Me? Haha, that’s funny. I don’t think they got to me just yet.

I’m not possessed, I’m just…different. I was born different, with shark teeth, like you said. But they weren’t this sharp before, I admit that…

Haha, cannibalistic, haa…. i just like meat, ‘tis all… no no it’s not just that…. hehe… It’s the thought….thee…. I don’t know, honestly. it’s hard to explain. It’s just that the flesh of humans is so delicious.. the blood is much sweeter than any other animal. you might think it’s disgusting, but it’s not, just try it for yourself hahaa…..

I don’t know, i’m just really fucked up, I guess…. I just follow the promises i give, but people think that they are empty threats, ha, idiots….

When I say 'after this your bones will be mashed to dust while you’re still breathing’ i mean it – i don’t lie, ever. haha, mutations…

and i am murderous because 'violence can be used for justice’.


it’s just so fun to see them struggle…

to see them plead…

the face they make is my favorite expression of all…

now don’t get me wrong here - i kill only those who deserve it, but of course sometimes, death isn’t the best punishment.

Sometimes death is too easy.

Sometimes i just want to have some fun.


i guess i’m like this because of my past… of the stuff that happened to me. that made me like this… ohh haa haa hee hee haaaaahh……..