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Live-action Danny Phantom fancast

1) Tom Holland as Danny Phantom

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2) Hailee Steinfeld as Sam Manson

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3) RJ Cyler as Tucker Foley

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4) Sophie Turner as Jazz Fenton

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5) David Harbour and Megan Mullaly as Jack and Maddie Fenton

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6) Emma Stone as Ember McLain

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7) Zendaya as Valerie Gray

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8) James D’Arcy as Vlad Plasmius

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9) Jim Rash as Mr. Lancer

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10) Becky G as Paulina

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11) Ving Rhames as Skulker

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12) Josh McDermitt as the Box Ghost

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anonymous asked:

could you rec 5-10 books/book series please and thanks? i'm in such a slump!

ok ok ok (1) this is so cruel how can you expect me to limit myself to 5-10?????? i do not accept (2) these are some books Guaranteed* to bring you out of your book slump!

*disclaimer: these books may induce a book hangover. i accept no responsibility.

Hey Thief Nerds—

In your opinion, what’s the most iconic line associated with Eugenides? I want to make a t-shirt for YALLFest (I know MWT won’t be there, I don’t care, I have a need). I thought about doing two stylized pistols with onea realia etc on it, but in the end, that line is really more about Sophos. “Gen, You Viper” is always a good choice for Queen’s Thief 101: A Foundational Introduction to Your Protagonist. 

What would you choose?

when u make crafts bc u love Eugenides but then they’re disturbingly relevant to your life


memorial day weekend → beach book haul

woke up early and found so many shiny shell friends ☀︎

BOOKS ♥ Thick as Thieves by Megan Whalen Turner

If you are wrong about whether he is a friend, perhaps you are wrong as well about whether he is gone, hmm? Sometimes we mistake these things. Be certain before you let go of him.