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the last time i used my book tag was nearly exactly six months ago. that’s not to say i haven’t been reading because i have. i just haven’t been moved to tell you about any of the books i’ve read. UNTIL NOW.

i just “read” (listened to) all of the Queen’s Thief books and i am iN LOVE i don’t think i can wait another 4-7 years for the next book???? how will i survive???? 



(it gets really good toward the end of the second book because there is that one scene that was like an unexpected left hook. it took me completely by surprise because in a book series that is so so clever, you are expected to be on your toes because nothing is as it seems, suddenly there’s this moment of pure earnestness and wonder and it completely floored me and book 3 is like an entire book’s work of just that feeling and I’M SORRY I CAN’T BE MORE SPECIFIC IF YOU’VE READ THESE BOOKS YOU KNOW THE SCENE I’M TALKING ABOUT. ALSO PLEASE MESSAGE ME SO I CAN YELL AT YOU THANKS)

anyway time to go back to the first book and do it all over again

She had lingered outside his cell, in the dim light of the lamps, alone because she’d sent away her escort while she listened. Alone, because she had known, even then, that she would turn on any guard who mocked the Thief’s pain. He had cried in breathless, racking sobs that had gone on and on, long after she thought he would have exhausted himself. Finally he had slept, but the queen had not. The sound of his tears had kept her from sleep that night and woken her from nightmares since that evening she’d heard them.

“The second night you repeated the same words over and over. I think the fever had set in by then. Do you remember what you said?”


She knew every one of them. His voice, broken and stumbling, had filled her dreams until she had wept in her sleep, crying tears for him that she’d never been able to cry for her father or for herself. “Oxe Harbrea Sacrus Vax Dragga…” she began. 

~Queen of Attolia, p. 244-245


anonymous asked:

could you rec 5-10 books/book series please and thanks? i'm in such a slump!

ok ok ok (1) this is so cruel how can you expect me to limit myself to 5-10?????? i do not accept (2) these are some books Guaranteed* to bring you out of your book slump!

*disclaimer: these books may induce a book hangover. i accept no responsibility.

when u make crafts bc u love Eugenides but then they’re disturbingly relevant to your life


BOOKS ♥ Thick as Thieves by Megan Whalen Turner

If you are wrong about whether he is a friend, perhaps you are wrong as well about whether he is gone, hmm? Sometimes we mistake these things. Be certain before you let go of him.


Attolia snapped, “You have any mistresses and I’ll cut your other hand off.”

Beside her, Eddis stiffened. Attolia raised her chin to meet the look that her seneschal had said would melt lead. Eddis opened her mouth, but before she could put her thoughts into words, Eugenides laughed. Laughing, he dropped his head onto the bed; then he looked up to grin at Attolia.

Queen’s Thief Appreciation Week: Day 3 - Favourite Ship: Eugenides & Irene

The Queen’s Thief Appreciation Week 
Day Four (May 11) - Favorite Object

Inside the case was a dueling pistol, a king’s weapon, wheel-locked, chased in gold. Eddis had seen it earlier that day. When Sounis lifted it out and tipped his head over the locking mechanism, she knew he was reading the letters inscribed there: Onea realia. “The queen made me.”
     Sounis thanked the queen prettily, years of training providing the appropriate words. As he went to replace the pistol in the box, he paused. There was a tab to lift the bottom of the box and clearly room to store something underneath. Keeping the gun in his hand, he reached with the other, but Gen forestalled him, holding the inset bottom of the box down with a single finger.
     “You have heard my queen’s advice. My gift is below. Would you wait to see it until you have decided what you will do with hers?”

Megan Whalen Turner, A Conspiracy of Kings

now to scream about The Queen’s Thief series by Megan Whalen Turner, mostly The King of Attolia

  • Notes about the books:
    - they are standalone-ish stories that share a cast and world
    - The Thief reads like a quaint middle grade novel that is tonally completely different from the rest of the series, which reads like classic YA fantasy with adult characters; the real action begins with The Queen of Attolia. Both books are much better on reread–the foreshadowing will likely fly by you the first time, and as these are more “setup” books, I think they can be difficult to appreciate on their own.
    - The King of Attolia, ho boy, I wasn’t expecting much from the summary and now here I am screaming; this is the one that goes on my all-time favorites.
    - EDIT: I HAVE NOW READ A Conspiracy of Kings AND AM CONSUMED BY EMOTION. MY SOVEREIGN BBS. Thick as Thieves releases in May!!
  • you must first understand: I have no interest in methodical political intrigue. This series is only methodical political intrigue and here I am.
  • it is subtle, unlike me, and every scene is so carefully crafted; concise, deliberate prose that knows exactly what it’s doing and revealing
  • or not revealing
  • VERY SMART PROTAGONISTS whose strength and cunning are balanced by having to make VERY DIFFICULT DECISIONS.
  • the QUEENS. Literal (multiple!) queens are at the forefront of the politics, with unquestioned strength and ferocity even when they may not have the most tenuous hold on their power. They come into the story seasoned rulers, not novices. One is a favorite anti-heroine, cold and cruel and YET.
  • I liked the titular character until The King of Attolia, now I LOVE HIM. All things in the world should star Eugenides.
  • the dash of romance in the series is so unique, so unexpectedly romantic; easily on my list of all-time fav couples
  • the stories build so much: many-layered cast with multiple PoVs, domestic and foreign politics, complicated relationships that have you constantly looking over the characters’ shoulders, a wry humor on top of that, and it is so satisfying to see it all weave together like an elaborate rug
  • a beautiful, elaborate rug that winks at you before pulling itself out from under your feet