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Coach sees a Berserker throw Liam across the field.

“You there. The guy made of animal bones. Have you ever played lacrosse?”

Summary of Teen Wolf 5x18
  • Crystal Reed as Marie Jeanne was amazing!
  • Stiles seemed to disappear for most of the episode.
  • The writers do realize that Kira is back from being in the desert with the skinwalkers right? She can be part of the main storyline.
  • Parrish saying they should bring back Marie Jeanne was the best idea he has had all season.
  • Loved the backstory the way Gerard was telling it.
  • Lydia seemed to care more about Parrish than her friends.
  • I hated the way Lydia just brushed off the Argents so she could run after Parrish.
  • Braeden being badass as usual.

Liam: “For a minute there, I thought I was going to tear the two of you apart.”

Stiles: “Silly Liam. Nothing could ever tear Derek and I apart.”


Love how Parrish went all the way to Mexico to help save this kid with red eyes that he just met.

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I'm a follower of you because your shieth stories are fantastic but I also understood that you were in the teen wolf fandom before Voltron sucked you in. from your posts and friends post, the klxnce fandom is the equivalent to sterek. (they bash kallura like stydia, threaten the crew? do ridiculous things to the rival ship like bake 'shieth is dead' cakes and burn fanart, giving the fandom a bad rep in general?)why is teen wolf creators catering to them? are they really as bad as klnxe shippers?

The Sterek fandom is above and beyond anything the Klance fandom has ever done. Let that sink in a minute. 

Unlike Klance, the cast has spoken out about this ship. The lead actor himself said:

Tyler Hoechlin, one of the people in the ship, said Sterek is disrespectful of his character. Just as an explanation, Sterek is the ship where a 15-16 year old high school sophomore is paired with a 24 year old violent adult man who physically abuses him, threatens him with violence and death, tries to murder teenagers, and during the height of the Sterek craze, was the antagonist. While the Derek as a character has worked on redemption, romanticizing violent abuse and statutory rape is not cool and makes the actors themselves uncomfortable.

To the point where Sterek questions, art, and gifts were banned at cons.

Here’s a quick little run-down of just a tiny taste of the hell fandom we’ve been living in for the last 6 years.

This is just a tiny taste of the burning trashfire that is the Teen Wolf fandom, they’ve had a lot of years to work on being the worst fandom that has ever existed. As for catering to them, that’s all TW has ever done. If they can fire an actor of color or kill off a woman (usually someone who’s both) to make room for their white actors, they’ll do it. That’s been their pattern every season, they won’t change it now.

F O R   T H E   G O O D   T I M E S

anonymous: Nicole Beharie, Amber Riley, Megan Tandy+ Action/Romance + "For The Good Times" by Al Green

Run-ins with the law were nothing new to Taylor Rockwell. She was hardened, but she had to be. Her mother was an alcoholic, bordering on catatonic, leaving her to watch over her younger sister Carla, a hopeless romantic, flighty and forever trusting. From fighting to theft to random misdemeanors, the cops in their small town knew her too well. But just when she thought she could handle everything, a cornerstore robbery resulting in a dead owner set her up to go to prison for life. Unwilling to accept that, she packs a bag, tells her sister to do the same and hits the road seeing it as the push she needed to finally leave their small town. On the run, they take on a hitchhiker going by Roma, who eventually makes it her mission to knock down the walls of a reluctant Taylor. With a clock seemingly ticking down to the day they get caught, she didn’t see room for new friends, love, or adventure; but fate had a plan for all three.

Nicole Beharie as Taylor Rockwell

Amber Riley as Carla Rockwell

Meagan Tandy as Roma

Request a fake movie (2-4 actors + genre/one song + my askbox)

Braedan and Malia need to team up to find the Desert Wolf. Then their boyfriends can comfort each other while they are gone. While being naked.