megan talks about school


“I just— I love her. I mean, first of all, I always felt very strongly that she’s a fiercely loyal person and incredibly loyal to her son. She’s not black and white with her, let’s say, her darkness, or if she has evil intentions. I think she feels completely righteous in her choices and that’s what makes her dangerous. Because I find that fascinating. Righteousness is a very precarious place in a dangerous world, and a lot of it is then survival-driven and so, what I love is that is that it’s this beautiful world, and she’s had to eat a lot of humble pie to get to her position.

And historically, I’m sure as you know, it was not a pretty ride for her. And she had no power, she had no title. She had money. She was sort of a precursor to the nouveau riche and what that power meant, but her family— she had no title, so really, she had to play and swallow and swallow her power for a long time. So it comes out in very dangerous ways I think because of that. That to me is an interesting character. Mary has a title. She has something I have never had by birth. And I think that that’s very threatening to me. So I love playing her.”

— Megan answering a fan question asking her to talk about Queen Catherine

AKA Megan Follows schooling on the art of eloquently talking about a character they’re passionately in love with playing.