megan simms

things you may have forgotten about austin & ally

• nelson
• “that’s so panda”
• austin literally brought a framed photo of ally to his first awards show
• the cloud watching club
• crime & judgement
• “nice scream, ally”
• “jimmyyyyyy!”
• ally’s baskets are “unbeweaveable”
• dez is related to dwayne wade
• “ew, is that guy really wearing a thong?”
• that time they all got arrested for robbing an ice cream store
• the helen show
• the wanda watson show
• miami h8ter girl
• the butterfly song
• megan simms
• austin collects teddy bears
• pickles the goose
• trish’s full name is patricia maria de la rosa
• “holy unlimited texting, he is so cute!”
• ally wears elbow pads when she makes a salad and goggles when she brushes her teeth
• mimi moon used to be a hand model
• the ally way
• claws dun dun dun
• austin’s fear of umbrellas
• “don’t touch my book!”
• dallas
• cassidy
• billl with three llls
• “guess who got a job at _____!”
• austin and dez both cry at chick flicks
• ally chews her hair when she’s nervous
• “call a pioneer ranger!”
• sonic boom


Megan Simms | 29 | Sexuality: Pansexual | Starting ship: Single | Endgame: None at the moment | FC: Megan Hilty | TAKEN

  • ShipsMegan/Girl, Megan/Boy
  • Anti ships: None
  • Occupation: Teacher at McKinley

Bio: Megan Simms is a 29 year old teacher at McKinley. She’s been in Chicago for the last 10 years studying and teaching. Her boyfriend had just moved in with her and her life was great, until he cheated and they grew apart.

Megan returned from Chicago because she just broke up with her boyfriend and needed a change from the big city, so she went to the most parallel place she could think of: home to Lima.  She got a job at McKinley as a History teacher. She’s Ivy Houston’s aunt, and has been her second mother for years, since her real mother is never there for her. 

Notes/Things you need to know about her: New in Lima, came back.

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