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Otori Family Theory!

So the Otori family were happy, until Raging started getting obsessed with beating Shining. After ‘For Love’ sold more copies than ‘Love is Dead’, Raging starts getting really messed up and also began to mistreat his family. So he got divorced and they seperated the brothers while at it, so Eiichi grew up in the spotlight and he became more like his dad whether he likes it or not. While Eiji lives with his mom at another town. But then some time after the UtaPri Awards, their mom died and Eiji moved into the dorms and started working as a part of HEAVENS, while Eiichi does his best to protect his angel’s blessing of a brother~

Loud. Very, very loud. That was all that Megan could think of regarding the ringing in her ears. All around her she could see people moving left and right and up and down and…gosh…that ringing. It just wouldn’t stop. She tried to move herself but her body just felt so heavy. Everything felt heavy. Her body, the air, her chest…what was happening? One minute she had been making her way towards something new, moving forward with a life she had only just recently realized was her destiny, until…the explosion. That was the last thought she had before everything went black.

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