megan picturetaker

“Megan why the hell are you up so early for Warped?”
Because I have to beat the crowds.
Because at 2am my shoot had to be rescheduled to 11am.

*This is why I always get to Warped at like 8am, so I can avoid the 9 billion teenagers who can’t drive getting there before me. See you soon Irvine!! Come say hi if you see me roaming around with Alette holding a strobe on a stick. Let’s high five and take some pictures!

The Sharktopus
Photographed at The Zebra Cocktail Lounge
November, 2006

This is still one of my favorite live photos I’ve ever taken. 

Ok, so I know I always say no flash… unless you get permission to have your friend Zak stand across the stage and pop a second speed light when you signal him to, while the band has their strobes going. Then it’s okay. I used to try way to hard to be cool… 

The Sharktopus
Photographed somewhere in Billings, Montana.

Once upon a time, Montana had a kick ass music scene. Byron had a band called The Sharktopus. If you’ve spent any time drinking beers and reminiscing with me, you’ve heard them. They were awesome. Byron posted this today on Facebook and it made me super nostalgic. So if anyone was wondering how I got my start photographing bands, here ya go.